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gearbag sale

looking to get rid of some stuff that is collecting dust.

first up is my lot of timmy parts

mostly gen3 but some gen2 stuff. i haven't built a timmy since 09 so i dont remember what here works and what doesn't. so what you see is what you get.
looking for $300

automag lot

pneumag that needs some work. i can get it to shoot but once you start walking the trigger it will chuff bad and start to leak. could be my tank could be it needs a better valve to keep up idk. will also come with everything else in the picture. again what you see is what you will get.
looking for $300

next we have 2 project alleycats

one was drill through the bottom to accept q-pods without needing a hose or anything only got it to work about 1 game and then it sprung a leak and haven't messed with since and the other just leaks.
looking for $60 for the pair

next is my old pgp

always had fun with this gun but it recently started leaking and i don't want to pay to fix it so if someone has a cup seal and tool it's a fairly cheap fix.
looking for $50


this gun works only thing wrong is trigger spring is broke so trigger just flops around until cocked.
looking for $60

core zx pistol

leaks and someone dremeled voodoo in the side
looking for $30

techt ifit 9 piece cocker kit

pretty much brand new i got it in a trade and never used it
looking for $100

freak stuff

i have one mystery barrel that is freak bored, one blue freaked sto kaner back and one tactical freaked kaner back. then i have .675, .679, .680, .682, .684, .685, .687, .690, .695.
would like to sell as much of this as i can together. if someone buys all i'll let is go for $150


i bought this brand new from crossfire in 07 and bought a brand new dye tank cover not long after. the tank has stayed in the cover it's whole life and is now out of hydro. it is low pressure and will come with the cover, a nipple cover and possibly a thread protector if i can find it.
looking for $100 if i don't get it by january i will re-hydro and keep

wood thumb hole stock

fits phantom style frame mounts. not the prettiest thing but it does what it's supposed to do.
looking for $40

invert woodland camo pants

size xl says they fit 36-38 waist. good condition no holes anywhere and really clean.

dye c9 camo pants

also in pretty good condition size xxl
looking for $50 and i also have a pair in black same size and condition

jt pants i don't know what version

size xl these are a bit more worn no holes but they are showing a lot more than my other pants.
looking for $30

all prices are best offer and i will look at trades. willing to work with people cause this stuff just sits here.
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If shipping is included I'm interested in the IFit kit.
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Pm inbound

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For the itech ac freak kit and the camo invert and dye pants
Can you take my
I have a ccmed 2004 pro stock halfblocked pump
Im me for details about pump if interested
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