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Tilx 01-21-2013 08:42 PM

selling some older stuff: '05 Remains, PVI shocker, PMI Trracer, AT-85
Due to the markers selling, i have removed content of this thread and started a new one in the "misc paintball items" subforum
link here:

'05 Alien Remains: SOLD
Trracer: SOLD

Content deleted and moved to new thread

doesntplaywell 01-21-2013 11:03 PM


Tilx 01-22-2013 11:39 AM

black DM grips gone to Doesntplaywell

also updated the info about the PVI shocker

jc_10 01-22-2013 11:50 AM

pls keep updating the status of the Remains, I'm interested in a running gun

Tilx 01-22-2013 10:16 PM

no prob jc_10, like i said its currently second in line on my to-do list, and the item in front of it won't take long. (i'm working on it as i type this)

Tilx 01-23-2013 09:10 AM

Daily bumpage with an update:

the alien has a beating heart again (the 'noid clicks, updated in the first post) and im going to try to get the PVI to stop leaking. prices will remain the same for both (the price i posted was for as-is condition, i'm not going to increase if i confirm both working with no leaks.)

I know the alien shoots without an issue (when i initially got it to work, before its 'noid problems, i got it to fire ~50 or so rounds +/- 15 at 250FPS)

the PVI just needs gaskets... shouldn't be too hard to find a sheet of rubber... i hope

Tilx 01-24-2013 01:25 PM


Tilx 01-25-2013 12:49 AM

Alien Remains has been Sold!

i know someone wants the PVI for a project, or even a wall-hangar! its a part of paintball history!

Tilx 01-26-2013 12:07 PM


Tilx 01-27-2013 05:56 PM

Sunday bump

sale is still happening, anything that's listed is still ready to be shipped!

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