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Help Fund My ADOPTION Big Sale (Update 7/29)

I have tried to keep my personal life off MCB in my time here. I'm going to break that a bit today.

The Story: My wife and I have already adopted two boys from Ethiopia. We kind of thought we were done, but last spring felt prompted to start adoption #3. The adoption process itself is rather lengthy and can be costly. We're doing a lot of fundraisers and so forth to help raise the money.

6/22 NEWS: It's a BOY!!!! We found out who our child is. Hoping to travel soon.
8/2 NEWS: We got a call today that we have to be in Ethiopia next week for our first court date. This is the first of two trips we have to make....the next trip we get to pick him up.

So I thought I'd do an “MCB Fundraiser”. All this stuff has been sitting around my workshop area. I had good intentions with some of these projects, but it's time to clear stuff and help fund our adoption.

I know that the prices aren't rock bottom...hopefully they're not ridiculous either. I have a cause I'm trying to fund. ALL money from sales on this page will go directly toward adoption costs. These sales are different than all other sales I have going on. I know I could just run a raffle and probably make more than what I will on this sale, but we don't really like here we are.

All prices are shipped in the US. Canada and elsewhere please PM me for a shipping quote. I'll do my best to take care of you.

Don't find anything you like? Carter has allowed me to put our donation button here if you feel lead to donate toward our adoption anyway. Either way....thanks for looking.

(Donate button html won't work here......paypal e-mail is for donations if you feel so lead.)

Here we go:

Deathwish_DW and Y0da900 have also donated one of their closed bolt Ion kits. 75 dollars shipped to your door. You can read more about it HERE.

Autococker with some extras. Jackhammer II. ANS Gen-X2 regulator. Seals up. Cycles. Reg leaks a bit. Probably needs rebuilt. 80 shipped

Armortech Zeus G2 pistol. Again good condition. Comes with 3 clips, original short barrel as well as longer barrel. Also comes with holster unit. If I remember correctly this has a small leak...possibly just a cupseal or o-ring replacement. time to tinker with it to find out. 80 shipped (Canada...this is heavy....I'll do what I can on shipping)

I have two Ronin Gear Flipped Out Too SC packs. Both look to be in excellent condition. The first one has a rip in it in the squeegie pouch. It could easily be sewen up. Second one is perfect. 16 plus shipping for #1. #2 is SOLD

ALL items below have already been SOLD. THANKS!
I won this in Tug's Christmas Contest two years ago. It's never seen the field since I got it. I thought I might sell it some day to fund “THE GUN”...but this seems much more important. You know I'd never sell this just for profit. I respect MCB too much.
This is a VSC Phantom in a gorgeous green color. It has a set of custom wood grips done by....well I forget who actually did them. Also has a freak bore barrel (I believe done by staunchy)...has a blue 689 insert. Also comes with velocity adjust tool, barrel bag, manual and full parts kit pictured. There are two small dings on the marker...also pictured. 240 shipped SOLD

Old Automag. Smart Parts wood grips. ACI Sub-Zero expansion chamber. Flat face Venturi style bolt. Custom barrel...milled like a Crown Point w/ extra porting. Seals up. Pull the trigger and it dumps air. Once time.....or need. 95 shipped. SOLD

3 Revy's. All work. The two on the left are regular dual 9v models with 4 prong paddles. The one on the right is a single 9v with 2 prong paddle. 15 plus shipping on the dual 9's.....7 plus shipping on the single. ALL SOLD

3.5oz tank. It's been painted, but the paint can be scrapped off. 6 plus shipping. SOLD

An old beauty of a Typhoon with blue accents. Blue bolt, RVA and vertical ASA piece. This guy has a leak....probably needs a #12 o-ring in the bottom tube....just never got around to fixing it. 275 shipped in USA. From the side angle it looks like there's a dent in the ram tube, but from the side view you can see there it does not dent in at all or obstruct the ram. Also slight flaking on the nickle at the end of the barrel...possibly cut off. SOLD. THANK YOU

I've had this guy for a number of years now. It came to me in parts. I've had it mostly together only to find it had a leak. I believe it's the o-ring between the parts in the lower tube. It's back apart again. I want to fire this someday, but it's not going to happen. It really needs a trip back to PPS for a rebuild. Unless you're really sure of your PPS skills I'd highly recommend a trip “home”. I'll ship wherever, but you work out arrangements with PPS. Tiger Stripe flat black/shiny nickel finish...including on stabilizer and ghost ring. The stock is GORGEOUS. Everything is there. 300 plus shipping...wherever. SOLD Thank YOU!!!

Kingman Hammer. It's not the prettiest thing to look at. ACI grip bottomline. Seals up...but has this fun little feature. When you pull the trigger, it decides when it actually fires. So you pull the fire. 25 plus shipping SOLD

Spyder MR2. Good condition. No major dings or gouges. If I remember correctly it airs up and cycles....but it's been awhile since I've tested it. Comes with original box and supplies. Comes with original barrel and also a J&J ceramic barrel as well. DOES NOT come with charger or battery. (sorry that's how it came to me....can't give you what I don't have) 75 shipped SOLD

VL Triad. No idea about this guy. It came in and sat. No bolt. Price: Cover shipping and make a donation. GONE

Silver Bullet. No idea about this one. Missing air lines. You're on your own. It's shiny though! Price: Make a donation and cover shipping. SOLD

Deathwish_DW and Y0da900 have graciously donated one of their Mechanical Ion Drop In Kits. These are awesome. Here's a pic of what you get. You can read more about how it all works HERE
$70 dollar donation to the adoption and they will ship direct to you. SOLD

My MCB Feedback

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PM sent on revy
Old Feedback Page

Pump Ion conversion pics

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pm sent on 4 oz
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also pmed about kingman hammer
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Black Revy sold. Other PM's replied to. THANKS.

My MCB Feedback
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PM'd on Zeus.
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MR2... Pm in bound
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PPS Tiger stripe rifle

I would like to purchase the PPS Tiger striped rifle. PM sent
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Pmed you back. I'm local. Lets meet up.

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ill take the revy duel 9v
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