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redlaser666 03-21-2013 01:21 PM

Autococker Slider single trigger frame, chrome KAPP

eddielives75 03-21-2013 03:02 PM

Why don't you just strip the chrome and anno that frame?

redlaser666 03-21-2013 04:58 PM

I am doing "at home" anodizing. Stripping anodizing is easy, dip in ano remover wait and done.

Stripping crome in not so easy. It has to be done electrochemicaly. Also chrome parts are actually copper plated then nickle plated and finaly crome plated so it is 3 layers deep unlike anodizing which is just a single layer.

I dont want to damage this somewhat rare frame, instead I preffer someone here put it to good use and I get a frame that is easy to strip and anodize.

c.shank 03-21-2013 06:14 PM

You can grit blast the chrome off of a frame, not much in the way of tolerances to worry about.

redlaser666 03-21-2013 09:12 PM

Blasting, sanding, grinding or otherwise mechanically removing the coating is not what this thread is about.
I would like to trade this frame, NOT alter it.

Please keep post to this topic only!

redlaser666 03-24-2013 08:55 PM


I added a sale price if anyone just wants to buy it.

ValleyBaller 03-25-2013 03:02 AM

interested would you ship to canada? pm me

redlaser666 03-25-2013 03:16 AM

I would if shipping is not too much more. I will PM you for the address.

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