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kicker 04-07-2013 11:28 PM

Kicker's Mega Sale! Automag, Shoebox, and lots more!
SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME AT 04/08/13!!!!!!!! ANYTHING NOT SOLD BY THEN WILL NO LONGER BE FOR SALE!! If I've been working with you on a sale have no fear, I'll still work with you. Thanks everyone!

I am no longer selling anything else, unless you've previously PM'd me before

Hello everyone,

Well my paintball days I'm afraid are behind me. My wife and I are attempting to build a fence in our backyard before summer starts so my 8 month old daughter doesn't fall into the canal that runs behind our house. So...out this goes!
CCM Rightfeed Tube and Feedneck - $90 SOLD!
CCM Rail - $15
Tippmann A5 - $70 SOLD!
-Autococker Barrel Adapter
-Original Tippmann Barrel Adapter
-CAR Stock
-Flatline Barrel
-JJ Cermaic Barrel (not pictured, Tippmann thread)
I received this gun in a "bulk buy" a while ago as a backup to my old A5. I aired it up and it fired. Other than that I know nothing about it. Sold AS-IS. Definitely shows use.
Some random pack (very used & repaired, but works) - $5
Camo VL 2000 Revvy (has some small chips in the paint on top) - $25 Sold To paintballsmrf
AGD Rental matching valve - $25 SOLD!
AGD Springs - $5 all SOLD!
AGD PF and Standard Feed - $5 each Standard Feed Sold To Yamess191 1 PF Body Sold To sniper42
KAPP AGD Foregrip Extender - $5 Sold To Yamess191
AGD Sharpshooter (shows wear) - $10 Sold To Pingdog
AGD Bolt - $5 each SOLD!
Pbmafia Joyride - $20 Sold To timefreak17
Freak Barrel Kit - $100
-679 x 2
-Red Tip
-Black Tip
-Autococker Back or Shoebox Shocker Back (choose one)
30+ Stockclass Tubes w/caps & 50rd Allen Hopper - $13 SOLD!
Macoline and fittings (I have about twice the black macroline pictured) - $15 Sold To Pingdog
Warpfeed Purple - $70 SOLD!
-P/F has hairline crack down it
-Believe I had to solder the battery wires, now it works fine
-Shells look well used
Chronograph - $50 SOLD!
Python Compression Kit (Autococker) - $40 SOLD!
Tasco Barrel Suppressor (gasp -- I meant raincover!) - $35 SOLD!
AGD Bike Grip - $15 Sold to FMPlayer
AGD Rail & ASA - $20 SOLD!
AGD Intelliframe - $60 SOLD!
AGD Mag-To-Cocker Adapter - $30 Sold To Pingdog
AGD Black Body Sold To ooeighty8oo
AGD Lvl 10 kit - $45 Sold to sniper42
-I honestly don't know if everything is there or not, I bought it and never used it. What you see is what you get.
AGD Bolt - $5 SOLD!
AGD Matching Valve - $30 SOLD!
AGD Parts - $30 SOLD!
AGD Centerflag On/Off- $20 SOLD!
-Obviously not my picture. Love this on/off!! It's a lot more snappy to me.
CCM Feedneck (Unknown Thread) - $5
Ninja 68/4500 Tank - $120 SOLD!
-Used it maybe 3 times at the most, will come in an ugly empire tank cover
Special Ops Pants and Shirt - $30 both SOLD!
-Size is small (I'm 5'11, 175#'s fits me fine)
-Throw in a spare, never used pair of exact same pants that has a broken belt
ANS Gen-X Regulator - $5 Sold To Pingdog
-Unknown condition. Dinged up a bit, especially around the inlet. Sold AS-IS.
VL Revvy - $10 SOLD!
Body Bag Mega Gear Bag - $60 SOLD!
-This thing is huge!!
-Used it once at the field
-Link To Description
Metadyne Thumper (Gen 1) - $120 Sold
-Yep...doesn't work. Includes what you see.
Gun Case - $5 SOLD!
Gun Case - $7 Sold to FMPlayer
Shoebox Shocker Parts - $40
-Don't know what and what does not work. Sold As-Is.
Autococker Barrel - $5
Freak Tip - $10 Sold!
Autococker Barrel - $5
Automag Barrel - $5
CP Two-Piece Autococker (689) - $7
Deadlywinds Null Autococker - $25 Sold To audioSLAVE
Shocker Turbo - $250
-Glacier AT Board
-On Target Vertical Adapter
-Aired it up and dry fired it a while ago, that is it. This was going to be my main marker but never got a chance to use it. This one will be hard to let go. :(
-I have a little Dow 33 lube I will send with it.

This is most of it. There will be more later, but I want this stuff out first. Shipping will be a flat $5 bucks no matter how little or much you purchase to the lower 48. Please contact me if you are not in the lower 48. Please ask any questions and I will do my very best to answer in a timely manner.

Only trades I would even consider are for hunting gear such as a nice scope, jacket, pants, gps, and so forth. As they say though, cash is king! We could really use that fence, she is a busy body:

mcgral18 04-07-2013 11:34 PM

Length on that automag barrel?

kicker 04-07-2013 11:43 PM

mcgral18 - measures 11" from tip to bottom. I must state that MUCH of the anodizing has worn off the barrel. Comes with detent.

Frizzle Fry 04-07-2013 11:48 PM

Is the red tip in the freak kit in OK shape, good shape, great shape? Any noticeable wear?

Pingdog 04-07-2013 11:59 PM


yamess191 04-08-2013 12:01 AM


audioSLAVE 04-08-2013 12:04 AM

Deadlywinds Null Autococker - $25 PMed

sniper42 04-08-2013 12:05 AM


zigenscarface 04-08-2013 12:10 AM

Might be less work to just sell the baby lol

FMPlayer 04-08-2013 12:18 AM

pming on bike grip and $7 gun case

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