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Smidiet 05-21-2013 01:05 PM

Moving Sale, to much stuff
Lets get the sob story out of the way, my parents are getting divorced and I'm moving with my dad so I need to get rid of a lot of stuff

Rules: You pay I ship
All prices are Obo

A lot of this stuff has been sitting in the garage and is just dirty
First up is the guns
2K5 Prostock $180
Condition is 9/10 the only scratches are little, one on the barrels tip, and one on the back top "fin" just before the back block
Gun shoots perfect

Sft Shocker Sold
Condition 6/10 It's seen better days, the back go stripped so I had to drill and grind on it to make it accept a flat head screw driver
The gun doesn't shoot, the noid clicks and puffs but doesn't cycle. There's a leak down the barrel because I put the wrong o-ring in the front body o-ring's spot and one of the set screws for the reg is stripped out, the regs internals are fine though. I figure this will be a good parts gun

98 Custom $50
Condition is beat up, but it shoots Has a 16inch barrel not sure of the company.

Brass Eagle Eradicator $15
Condition 6/10 Gun's beat up and needs some internal cleaning, I haven't gassed it or tested it some I'm going to say as is it doesn't work, I don't think the red dot sight works either

Pod Packs
Reds 4+3 $25
Condition 5/10 Has some rips and tears other then that it works, all the Velcro works and the pack is clean

Reds 3+2 $25
Condition 8.5/10 No tears or anything just dirty from sitting in the garage

Pi 2 pod flappy thingy $10
Condition 10/10 never used, never want to.

4 pod +1 tank Harness $20
Condition 8/10 It's just dirty. holds four pods horizontally and one 20oz tank and is adjustable for smaller tanks

Masks and random parts

Purple proflex tops $15
Condition 7/10 Once again just dirty, all of the foam is still there but some of it is starting to wear

Boat bottoms $15
Condition 8.5/10 just dirty

Proflex ears $8
Condition 10/10 Just a little dusty

Eflex with visor $70
Condition 7/10 Only because the lens isn't in perfect condition like the rest of the mask. all of the foam is good and the strap is good. comes with everything as wood new and a visor (the mask bag isn't the original because the original one is too small to fit the visor)

^that is the only scratch that affects visibility


(all of the following is 10/10 never used)

Pi A-5 12 chrome barrel $20
Vlocity jr Speed feed $5
Ego hybrid grips $8
Evil Impulse hammer $8
Evil impulse back plug blue $8
Warrior Proto rail eye covers $5
Warrior Ion Reg Grip (silver aluminum) $10
Warrior Proto Slg trigger $8
Warrior Bushmaster to spyder barrel thread converter $10
Empire Barrel kit Sold on pbn
Backs are 10/10 Comes with .691 .689 .687 bakcs
Tip is 6/10 tip is the 15 1/2 inch tip
That's why

Hopper and tank
Ricochet Hopper $20
Condition 6/10 Hopper works perfect, it's just really dirty and gunked up

Pure Energy 68/4500 tank with Dye tank cover tank is pending on pbn
Tank condition 8/10
Cover condition 8/10 just dirty
Tank is out of hydro


Derder Hat $5
Condition 6/10 Dirty
Diablo hat $8
Condition 10/10 never worn just a little dusty

Gear bag $50
Condition is 7/10 I haven't seen any tears but it is very dusty

Comes with a removable gun compartment
Very large bag (most of this stuff was in it)

Red Jt $15
Condition 7/10
Size is 2x
Black jt $10
Condition 6/10 There's a tear where the tags are so I can't tell the size but it fits me like a medium

Reds Pants $25
Size 34-48 by 34
Condition 9/10

JT pants $30
Size is small
Condition is 8/10 Right knee is a little worn from snake play and the rubber on the buttons is coming off


Empire Knee pads $10
size large
Condition is 6/10 there is no ankle strap for the Velcro is has been cut off

Empire Elbow pads $20
size L
Condition 6/10 This is a tear on the left glove on the finger loops so they are not connected and they're worn from diving

Military style knee pads $15
Condition is 7/10 not rips or tears just really dirty

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Bump, come on guys help me down size before I move all prices are very flexible

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CANNOLI 07-01-2013 05:41 AM

what name is the bag can i see more pic of it ??

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