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Gearbag Sale - everything being sold together (for now).

Here is my gearbag(s) worth of stuff I am willing to part with at this time. Before I put prices on everything individually, I am offering to sell everything together as one bulk lot. If I don’t have any takers after a few days, I will start splitting everything up and sell everything individually. Until then, please refrain from making offers on individual items. So here it is:

Markers: They have all been well cared for since I have owned them. Most of them have not been shot since last fall though. I rebuilt all of them at some point last summer or fall. With that being said, I guarantee they are in good shape, but they might require a little lube or o-ring, and a trip to the chrono.

5 - SL-68 II’s – They are in overall good working condition. One of them has a repaired feedneck. It was cracked by a previous owner. I have not had any issues getting a hopper secured to the marker.

2 – SL-68 II’s(new version) – Used infrequently and in very good condition.

1 – Tippmann Custom 98 – Good gun, little wear and tear, but several aftermarket parts. All original parts are included as well as a parts kit.

1 – VM-68 – Overall good shape. Very clean and fun. Lots of spare parts, Feedneck in removed in picture. I leave it off when not in use to prevent wear on the anti-double feed fingers.

1 – Micromag 2000 – Great shape, Level 10 installed, but could use some tuning. Original Micromag valve with 3 stars.

1 – Azodin KP – Good solid pump with a few upgrades and a parts kit, nothing fancy.

1 – Azodin Zenith – Solid gun, never gave me any issues, a few upgrades and a parts kit.

6 – Brass Eagle Raptors – All in good working condition. For some reason I have always liked them. All come with expansion chambers, drop forward and on/off. All have anti-double feed mod installed. Several have aftermarket bolts. Lots of spare parts.

Barrels: All of the aftermarket barrels I have are in good condition. They will all have a good smooth bore. I can’t say the same for the stock barrels that will be included, many of them have some wear and tear.

Raptor barrels: Terminator, All American, Brass Eagle, (2) J&J, (2) Dye stainless, Dye aluminum, several stock green and blue barrels.

SL Barrels: 2 Celanis barrels, very nice, lightly used. 1 All American, (5) J&J, 1 Tippmann, and a bunch of stock barrels.

Tippmann 98: LAPCO and the stock barrel.

VM-68: LAPCO and the stock barrel. Sorry, no picture, but the LAPCO is like new and the stock barrel is in decent shape.

Cocker threaded barrels: J&J ceramic barrel kit, great condition. Armson, came stock with the Micromag. Stock Azodin barrel. And best of all, a Sanchez Orbium 3 barrel kit, like new condition.

Spare Parts: I have quite a supply of spare parts for every gun. Kits for the Mag, Azodin guns, and 98. Bag of parts for the SL-68’s. I also have a decent number of parts for the VM. I have many parts for the Raptors which are shown in the plastic case. The box pictured is also full of spare parts, I’ll include it, but it’ll have to be a surprise, because I’m not listing it all separately.

Masks: I have 7 masks that will be included. 6 of them are JT. 1 is a Proto. All masks have a good lens and good foam. All of the straps are good with the exception of 1 JT strap that is usable but getting a little stretched out. One of the JT masks does not have a visor. They all come with a protective bag. The picture flash makes some of them look scratched, they aren't.

Hoppers: Nothing special here since none of these guns really require anything too high speed. There is one Egg in there that works great. The rest are old fashioned. 4 of the 100 rd hoppers have been modified to fit without an adapter to the old SL feednecks. I do have some adapters that will be included anyways. I have several adapters for the larger 1” Raptor feednecks as well.

Gun Bags, Barrel socks, squeegees: 10 Gun bags. The larger Redz bag fits 3 guns easily. The rest are made for 1 or 2 depending on the gun. They are a little dusty, but in good shape, clean on the inside and all zippers work.

Tanks: There is no picture, but you will receive 1, recently out of hydro(Jan 13), 68ci Crossfire, with a Myth reg and several CO2 tanks to include 9, 12 and 20oz tanks. When I say several I mean about a dozen. The HPA tank is in good shape. It will have no issues passing a test and most of the CO2 tanks are fairly new or lightly used.

Lastly folks, there are other items I will throw into the package as I unearth them in the heap of paintball items in my garage. Not all of them worthless, some are actually worth some money. For the person that has the means, time and desire to sell all this separately, I believe there is an opportunity to make a decent profit. I will obviously need to ship this in several boxes. Please give me a few days to get it all packed up and shipped off. I will provide tracking numbers and insurance. The price listed below INCLUDES shipping to the lower 48 states, which is no small thing considering the volume of items here. Paypal is preferred.

What is all this worth? I don’t know, but you can figure it out for $1600 to your door. Thanks for looking.

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