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matteekay 06-17-2013 03:35 PM

Armson OEG, Red Dots, FLASC Barrel Kit, Cheap Jerseys, BBT Stock, Arm Pads
Hey folks,

Starting my big "spares" clearout. Not a lot to add other than:
- Discounts for buying more than one thing - PM me for a quote!
- All prices include US shipping
- Int'l pays the difference in shipping price
(I have a scale so I can calculate it exactly)

Trades: I'm looking for a black or chrome Freak front. Also, a Level 10 bolt kit.

Armson OEG Sight - $40 (SOLD)
Used but really nice shape. Dovetail mount. Large Corgi not included.

NCstar Red/Green Dot (ring) - $15 (SOLD)
NCStar Red/Green Dot (cantilever tube) - $30

The former has been my workhorse sight and shows some wear (most noticeably a 1/2" gash towards the back on the driver's side) but works great. The cantilever has only seen the field once and is totally awesome, I'm just moving away from sights.

APP Tac Pod Rig - $35 (SOLD)

A full setup for playing with Tac Pods! Great when paired with an aPP 50-rounder. Included: six pods, two Tiberius drop leg triple mag pouches (one is missing the thigh strap), one Tiberius single mag pouch. Everything is in used but fully functional state.

FLASC Barrel Kit (Cocker) - $55 (SOLD)
Included are three Gen 2 control bores (.693, .690, .681), one Gen 3 control bore (.684), one long extension, one short extension, and two tips. Both extensions work with all backs but they fit better with the Gen 2's (the Gen 3 shows a little of the O-ring channel on the control bore; I just used a tip with no extension). I'll also throw in the padded Wacom case I keep everything in. All parts are in good-to-great shape.

MOLLE McCann Dump Pouch - $20 (SOLD)
Large size "magic-top" dump pouch. MOLLE mounting in the back, straps included. Good shape with a little paint staining.

SA-17 Bottomline Kit - $20 (SOLD)
Leftover from a Rifle Kit I bought. This includes the dummy 12ie, an ASA, a braided hose, and the pins you install to keep the trap door closed. Brand new.

BBT(?) Bottomline Stock - $20 (SOLD)
Angled Rail - $8 (SOLD)
(Buy both for $25)

This mounts to the ASA holes and gives you a t-stock with a drop. It's a steel-blue color (the last pic is most accurate) and in decent shape with some obvious anno wear and what appears to be touch-up paint.

The rail will angle an ASA or on/off downward when mounted to a flat grip and pairs well with the stock.

Empire Arm Pads (XL) - $15 (SOLD)
Used about 6 times... but almost always with a short-sleeved shirt so they're pretty dirty even though they're freshly laundered :p . Aside from the paint stains they're in decent shape with no major rips or tears and only the stray frayed thread or two.

BRAND NEW JT Stealth Jersey (2XL) - $12 (SOLD)
Ordered the wrong thing. Still sealed in the package so here's a stock photo:

Empire Jersey (2XL) - $10 (SOLD)
Great shape, some minor stains.

WONE Short-Sleeved Jerseys - $8 Each (SOLD) (have 2)
These are nice, mesh jerseys. 2XL but they're actually sized like every other brand's Large (about 24" pit-to-pit) so they don't fit my fat ***.

Hit me up with any questions!


toneg28 06-17-2013 03:45 PM

I will take the Tac Pod Rig! PM sent.

matteekay 06-17-2013 03:52 PM

Replied and gone!

tlane77 06-17-2013 04:57 PM

What makes the magic top.....magic?

matteekay 06-17-2013 05:43 PM

The top is a velcro cover that has two overlapping flaps built in. This lets you shove tubes in quickly without any falling out and then open it all the way when you want to empty it.

matteekay 06-18-2013 08:50 PM

Updated and up!

matteekay 06-20-2013 11:20 AM

Updated trade list, now bumpin'! I'll be listing some sights soon (two NCstar red/green dots and an Armson OEG).

matteekay 06-21-2013 04:32 PM


matteekay 06-24-2013 03:23 PM

Added stuff, updated with what's sold.

Looking for a black or silver (especially chrome or nickel) Freak front (or Freak'd barrel in Cocker threads) and a Level 10 bolt!

matteekay 06-25-2013 04:39 PM


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