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Tiberius, Kingman, Milsig, Magpul, Invert FST

I gotta make some room for an SR1! So, a few things first

My prices are OBO, but lowballs will be kindly ignored.

I won't part packages

Shipping is on the buyer, I ship USPS only. International shipping is an option.

I'm not responsible for what customs does with your stuff.

PM or email me directly at (which is also my paypal address) with any questions, offers etc.

First up is a Kingman Hammer 7 which includes:

2 First Strike magazines (They can be used with standard paintballs as well)

14” Hammerhead Bangstixx with Battlestix Muzzle break and Spyder threaded .686 back (The best barrel for shooting First strikes, bar none)

Stock barrel

Quad rail barrel mount

Picatinny mounted bipod by NcStar, adjustable forward, backward and height

Carry Handle Riser

UTG rail covers

Clear Grips

Next is a Tiberius 8.1 pistol with:
One First Strike Magazine
Underbarrel rail
Custom pistol length Milsig Marksman barrel done by an airsmith
Left handed Molle Rap4 deluxe holster

Next is 3 Fazmag Tiberius magazine Holsters (don't need since I got my P3 pack) New $15 each or $40 for all

Invert Reloader B Perfect condition with a great paint job $30

Next up is a PGP Frame (original). $30 Tape is holding in the safety assembly and screws.

Original Apex Tip $20

ESS Goggles great for airsoft had these since OIF $20

KCK Pump Rig in ATACS FG $25

Tiberius Single Magazine holsters Make an offer

OD Drop Lag Panel. Rubber backing, nice rig. $23

Valken Woodland Vertical Tank pouch $14

Clip on Kneepads $30

Rap4 Phantom Launcher short brand new with 2 grenades $100 firm

Magpul MBUS Rear Sight never used. $23

NCStar 4 Reticule Red Dot red/green four different reticule. Battery included. $34

BT Riser mounts to picatinny rail and gives you a dovetail and carry handle. $15

Locking picatinny scope mount. Adjustable. Fits 1" scopes OR 30 mm. $20

Ion Regulator w cover no problems. $25

M98 Stock barrel Make an offer

.688 Ion Threaded Hammerhead Fin $14

MOLLE Olive Drab Vest 6 Front Pockets Water Bladder Pocket Adjustable includes Radio Pouch $42

Here are trades that I'm looking for:

TM7 Parts

98C Commando Stock

10" Cocker threaded barrel

Ariakon Overlord internals

Ariakon Overlord magazines

Stock Class Gear

ATACS gear

Large HPA Tanks

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For TM7 Trade parts I have a stock sight, stock single trigger, and stock single trigger guard. Would you be interested in any of that?
TiPX mag reloading mod:

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Rover, Interested in the Tib Faz Mag pouches
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Hay Rover interested in your Rap4 greande launcher and grenades. I live in Australia so it would be and International deal but im cool with it if you are.
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Part the hammerhead barrel at all?
If you want to talk email me.
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