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Timmy parts, projects, and other random stuff.

Rules are simple. There are none, but it's not smart to be dumb. :tup:

For more pictures please PM me. I don't want to post too many pictures and clutter my own thread. I have several pics taken of each item... please feel free to ask for them if you're interested in an item.

I've had this somewhat rare team Crossfire (old Devision1 team) alias sitting in my closet for quite some time now. I had wanted to rebuild it, and use the thing, but I don't have the time or funds to go through with it being in college and whatnot... so I figured I'd sell it to a collector or to anyone wanting to bring this beast back to life.

It comes as pictured.

What it needs-
it needs a board, asa, membrane pad, macroline fittings, macroline and a poppet valve... That is it, as far as I'm aware. So it will be a cheap rebuild.

What it comes with-
Comes with a stock alias bolt, crankwalk eyes, hybrid ram cap, stock rammer, hybrid "$" eye covers, CP feedneck, Cp trigger (I believe), torpedo regulator, Mac solenoid, Plenty of barbs and timmy hose (prolly enough for two markers), spare ram cap, and a JT classic barrel...


Next is a nice GZ timmy body. Comes with what's seen, ram sleeve included. Ask for more pictures-


Very clean JT proteus. I bought this brand new, put brand new purple frames on it, and used it twice... it's in nearly new condition. Yes! The clear bottoms are still clear lol


have some clear frames aswell. These did not belong on the proteus, I got these elsewhere. They are used. Still very clear and no staining or yellowing. I cleaned them very well after every use so they would stay as clear as possible. Not perfect, foam is an 8/10 (see pics).


Crossy alias project- $180 shipped.
GZ timmy body- $40 shipped
JT proteus- $55 shipped
Clear frames- $45 shipped.

Buy all my timmy stuff for $200 shipped. Includes the Crossy alias, GZ body, and any of the extra timmy stuff I find laying around in my room. triggers, trigger guards, etc.

More to be added later, this is just the start. I'm cleaning out my room!
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Still here! Will take partial trades. Would like a spire or rare clothing, headbands, jerseys, pants, etc.

Here is a full parts list of what you're getting for $200.
- crossfire alias body
- Crossfire alias frame
- MAC noid.
- 2k5 frontblock
- 2k5 alias lpr
- torpedo regulator
- hybrid eye covers
- crankwalk eyes, battery harness, hose, barbs.
- Hybrid ram cap, plus spare ram cap.
- CP feedneck
- JT classic barrel
- 2k5 ram sleeve
- 2k5 rammer
- two different triggers, cp or hybrid maybe...
- 2k2 GZ series body w/ 2k2 ram sleeve and ram cap...

Good deal here. Just needs a poppet, board, and a membrane pad as far as I'm aware.
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willing to part the battery harness?
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