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huge sale, ion part out and much more!

Starting off with the markers-

This is my Buddies G3...


Now for my stuff-

Some spare parts-
1) Shocker Magnesium eigenbolts (x2), never used- $70 each
2) delrin nerve bolt- $25
3) blue Nerve back cap- SOLD
4) shocker CP trigger- $20
5) Stock HE bolt- $20
6) smart parts cricket board (it Chirps, and works)- $30
7) bloodline bolt guide- $17 shipped
8) stock dynasty guide (I think)- $25
9) Evolve gold bolt, bolt guide- $20
10) G6R pillow Bolt- $20
11) red KAPP beaver tail, with some random return springs- Offer
12) Planet Eclipse oops asa, no fitting or rail- $20

13) black sandana, silver tag- $30
14) Smart Parts Mojo Sandana- $60

15) old Karnage Jersey, Large- $25
16) Old Dye Jersey, Large (fits smaller)- $20

Flex parts-
17) Black flex frames, no lense- $23
18) yellow flex frames, no lense- $23
19) purple flex frames, no lense- $23
20) clear flex lenses, used, still usable- $12
21) Clear proteus bottoms, super clean, used twice- $40 (RARE)

22) DXS bottle (best ever), no reg, just bottle (good until 2017)- $55
23) Rare Ninja 49/45 tank (good until 2016)- $100
24) pure energy 72/3000 (good until July, 2015)- $30
25) centerflag 47/3000 (out of hydro)- $25
26) 7 various CO2 tanks- Offer!

more Random stuff-
27) empire checkerflag tank cover (new)- $25
28) various freak inserts, all sizes, $10- $15 per. insert. PM me.
29) dynasty ion body, no jewels, $20
30) Vicious Fitted hat, new, still has sticker- $30
31) Rare Mantis pod pack, 4+3,- $25
32) Tippmann A5 Shocktech Drop forward- $10
33) Empire events ZN- $50
34) Old school Ricochet electronic loader, (LCD display!)- $40
35) Brass eagle sock hat!??? Never seen another... $35 lol
36) blue Smart Parts Nerve body- $35
37) Blue Nerve frame- $25
38) gloss black SFT threaded Dye UL, (Glued front/ back)- $35.

39) sly Pants, Large- $40

Ion Part out-
40) Red Techt sleeper body- $55
41) Techt gold bolt ion internals (full)- $40
42) dye hyper 3 regulator- $45
43) virtue board w/ button (has port for OLED, can come w/ grips)- $60
44) red/ blue/ silver Q-lock feedneck- $25
45) stock Ion frame- $35
46) CP (?) trigger- $20
47) Ion threaded breech- $25
48) Ion solenoid with hose, barbs, etc - $50
49) ion threaded freak back (screw scratch)- $25
50) stiffi urban camo freak front- $40
51) 32* asa- $15



Flex parts (black frames not pictured):
Also pictured is the nerve frame and body-

tanks and cover-

Various parts-

Ion partout!

If you have any questions or need more pictures, detail, please feel free to message me. I'm usually pretty good about getting back to you. All items are "OBO" and are up for trades... as usual. Be smart though.
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Nice TechT Sleeper Ion BOB Body
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how much for the entire ion?
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