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Harju's Spring 2014 Sale

Long overdue, trades welcome, prices OBO and better for multiple items. Prices don't include shipping

Grips for dm3/4/5/c/pm5/6, angel, proto, etc, 5-15 apiece, offer on what you want

DM3/dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6 parts kits
-i'll part these out for sure, no boards/noids/eyes
-mem pads, buttons, screws, springs, noid wiring, orings, etc. offer if you need bits and pieces

-halo shells-SOLD
-halo parts (rip drive kits, motor, wheels, speedfeed, etc)-SOLD
-rotor lid and shark fin-5 apiece
-complete WAS Turborev-100
-jt speed collar and game timer-SOLD
-14 inch cocker barrels (stock dm3 in blue X 2, stock black X 1)-15 apiece ONE BLUE AND ONE BLACK SOLD!
-14 inch OG boomstick, some where-25
-12 inch OG matrix OTP stock barrel-20
-proto UL back, same as ultralight inside-SOLD
-16 inch CP front-10
-evil pipe angel back i think-10
-impulse/nxt/etc UL back-15
-kapp angel back-10

matrix/dm3 parts
-frames, feednecks, back plates, breech rods-5 to 10 apiece
-solenoid manifolds with screws and orings-15
-VAAs-15, add screws/orings for 2.50
-blind breeches-10
-clamping feednecks-10 to 15 apiece
-NDZ colored lpr adjustment knobs-5 to 10 apiece
-barrel bags/condoms, headbands/wrist bands, lots of them, 5-10 apiece

-hyper 2 regs X2-SOLD
-centerflag regs, 1 silver 1 black-20 apiece
-hybrid reg, ergo reg, system x reg, all unknown condition-10 to 15 apiece, HYBRID AND ERGO SOLD
-cp direct mount-SOLD
-XSV duckbill-SOLD
-dye asa-SOLD
-sp asa-SOLD
-rails (cp, SP, unknown) 10-15 apiece, BOTH CP SOLD
-misc rails and on/offs, giant drop forwards, etc-5 to 10 apiece

dm3/dm4/dm5/pm5/dmc/pm6 parts
-blue dm3, eyes, lcd board, ready to rock-SOLD no reg/barrel/asa but can add these for the right price
-dm3/matrix bodies, all drilled-10 apiece
-dm5 complete bolt kit-40
-pm5/pm6 complete bolt kit with black back cap-40
-top hat mod for dm4/5/c/pm5/6-5
-misc dm4/5/c/pm5/6 bolt pieces-5 to 10 apiece
-dm4/5 on/off knobs-5 apiece
-pm5 bodies, no feednecks, come with eye covers and lpr-10 apiece
-clamping feednecks-10 to 15 apiece
-dmc frame, comes with trigger, otherwise bare but can add all necessary components-40 (i can mill this to fit a dm3/matrix, great for frame conversions)
-pm5 frame alone-10
-pm5/dm4 ndz sling trigger-10
-pm5/6 stock board-15
-dm4/5/c/pm5/6 battery and switch harness-15
-dmc body, no eye covers-10
-dm4 body, no eye covers-15
-dm4 body, ready to rock-20
-dm5 body, missing 1 eye cover-20
-dm5 frame with trigger-35, can add internals
-dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6/dm3/matrix solenoid-42.50 with gasket, screws and wiring
-dm4/5/c eyes-20
-pm5/pm6 ribbon eyes-SOLD

dm3/matrix etc parts
-dm3/matrix bolt kits and components-offer on what you want, image v2 black and aardvark red kits are noteworthy
-dm3/matrix DAC and LAC chamber plugs-5 apiece or 7.50 per pair, multiple colors
-dm3/matrix eye ready breech-35 (one in dust gray/silver, one in cobalt)
-dm3/dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6 detents, rubber nubs or spring setups, offer
-dm3 toxic frame and trigger-40
-dm5 VAA with screw-SOLD
-dm3/matrix volumizers-offer, toxic set is noteworthy
-pmr frame and upgraded trigger, no idea what year-15
-pmr stock board and batt/microswitch harness-15 apiece BOARD SOLD
-dm3/matrix snatch grips (liquid, toxic, ndz?)-10 apiece
-purple ccm 2k+ backblock-SOLD!
-dm3/matrix lcd eyes, multiple sets-25 apiece
-dm3/dm4/dm5/pm5/matrix solenoids, lots of them-42.50 for noid/appropriate wiring/gasket/screws
-pbc lprs-20 apiece
-pbc lpr components-offer
-chrome AKA scm (II i think)-35
-hybrid verdikt matrix lpr-25
-lpr adjustment knobs, ndz in multiple colors-5 to 10 apiece
-feednecks, matrix threaded-5 to 15 apiece depending, lots of clampers
-dm3/matrix led boards-10
-dm3/matrix LCD boards-25 apiece
-dm3/matrix nyx board with stock chip-SOLD
-pm5/6 stock boards-15 apiece
-pm5/6 lucky boards, runs off of dm4/5/c chips-20 for board alone, add chips, i have plenty
-lucky UL frame board that runs off of dm4/5/c chips-25 for board alone, add chips, i have plenty
-dm4/5/c predator WMD board-35
-dm4/5/c stock boards with stock chips-25
-dm4/5/c/pm5/6 stock frame battery/microswitch wiring harness-15 apiece, i have lots
-dm3/matrix eye carriers-15 apiece
-dm3/matrix LCD battery connectors-15 apiece
-dm3/matrix/dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6 triggers-5 to 15 apiece
-dm4/5/c chips: stock-5, tadao, lucky ace, musashi, virtue, etc, offer

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gotcha back, thx
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A lot of cool stuff here!

WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers
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hey thx!
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Pm sent
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updated the thread
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