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That box of leftover stuff, small items, cheap

Cleaning out all the box of leftover stuff. I will be updating as I come across things over the next week.

All items paypal, please, plus actual shipping. I will ship at my own cost and sent receipt to have you paypal/gift shipping only back to me. This will require that I trust you won't stiff me on shipping, so please don't.
I generally prefer to use UPS as my local post is not awesome. I will ship any way you desire, but on these small items putting a few together is likely a good idea.

At the moment I would prefer to text pics, I will try to get pics up when I get other things pulled out.

Crossfire blue tank reg - $15
This works fine, just used it last month and drained the final small bit to pull off a tank today (8/11) that I put in the mail.

Soft shell lid/body 12V Revi - $40, pretty firm
This is the old, soft, indestructible style revi with the soft lid off the pod. In very good shape for age. Revi parts included:
I have a motor, eye sensor, I think the board is in there, battery door, etc from the inside of a 12V revi. It was pulled from a newer (old) style that shells broke. The harness is gimped up. I saved these to go with above and never needed.
*Some of you may not be old enough to know of what I speak when I say soft. When Revi first came out, the plastic was soft to a degree that you could almost scratch it with your fingernail. The newer (and often colored) ones have a very hard plastic that is brittle.

Bob Long 360 reg - $20 SOLD
It's black and silver and worked when removed from a marker some time back. I would consider it probably needing a rebuilt to be reliable.

Various old style powerfed/hopper adapter - $5
I can't recall the actual name for these. They are the old style, thick plastic models that were harder to break. I cannot say what time may have done to them. I am pretty sure I have two, and they are green, and perhaps another that is black.

Speed Feed for Halo? - $2
I think this is for a Halo/reloader...would likely have to take a pic of the end and let you decide.

JT Tac 5 Recon - $10
Basic Tippman like marker that is camo painted over what appears and feels to be a lot of brass (or lead). It's quite heavy. I have not tested and would assume it needs rings. Flat Rate Box will be the way to go with this one.

Freak Front - $15 OBO
14 inch front, I cannot recall what they called it, but has the pointy front end. gloss black

Freak Front - $15 SOLD
10" front, this is the progressive looking "teardrop" front. Gloss black

Freak inserts - $15 SOLD
There are five overall, I think all the smaller sizes. (6)79, 82, 84, 87, 93

I have a great deal of other smaller items like duckbills, drops, and such. Will update with that as I come across it all.

****"Collectable" as it were*****
The items listed below should be considered for collectible value only, and not actually used due to safety, age, etc.

Scott Bad *** Mask - Free, pay actual shipping
I know I have a green one with clear lens, may have a black one with yellow lens. Unsure of visors for either. The strap on the green one is still good. The lens on this IS unsafe and I have not found a real (not China) replacement. I would not consider using this in any fashion other than to display.

Metal tube of worthless Nelson oil paint - Free, pay actual shipping
Can I even ship this crap? Lol....This is a novelty item. I was given this tube by Jim Lively a LONG time ago at an AO South game. It was old and only to talk about, even then. One of y'all might want it?

Brass Eagle Raider Player Pack - $5, shipping will likely be high
The only reason I am asking any money for this at all is due to the PITA it's going to be to package. It is still in the very brittle plastic clamshell, unopened. I have no idea of it's age, but would have to consider the mask unusable. It's draw is the novelty of having it for a display, or just for the heck of it. The marker is likely usable, but not sure why you'd want to....the packaging is somewhat yellowed, unopened, and darn sure likely to crack. It's got a marker, hopper, two tubes, pull squeegee, and JT mask of some (cheap) sort.

If you were persistent enough to read down this far,
Bonus Item- I have a bag with various patches from old games/producers. These would be from the 90's and possibly early 00's. I will have to get some pics up and discuss if they are actually worth anything to anyone but me.


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reserved for pics as needed
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Bob Long Reg is pending payment
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pm'd on freak tear drop front.
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Everything except the Revi is VERY negotiable. Up
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Prices dropped on a couple of the items.

I have a few items to ship out. If you are waiting on me, I will be getting to the post tomorrow. Played paintball yesterday and can't walk today. #oldamputeeproblems
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