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Odyssey RPM questions

Hi, I'm new here so bear with me.
Alright, so I have a 2006 Odyssey RPM that I bought off craigslist knowing that it apparently had a blown o-ring. The guy wouldn't let me try it as he didn't want to waste any of his co2 or blow anything else. (I bought it for $100 cdn, came with a vlocity jr and a 14inch all american barrel)

My issue now is that it turns out that it wasn't a blown o-ring that was causing the air to leak. The 90 degree elbow the connects a piece of hose to the LP valve had completely sheared itself off.

After 3 months of trying to fix this with a new 3mm metric 90* fitting, some new hose, and a new straight barb for the LP valve as it to sheared off. I still cant get the thing to hold air. I've gotten to the point where the hose holds until I screw the tank in 7/8 of the way in, then it blows off and I'm back to square one. I'm using as close to manufacturers spec parts as possible and they are of higher quality than the marker had when new, but it just won't hold.

If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated and if you need more info be sure to ask.

(On a side note I'm willing to part this out as all the other parts work fine in order to make my money back)

(I'm also looking for a 1st gen PGP for cash and/or trade for a brand new Empire Trracer)

(If you're offended by the above two bracketed points, pretend they aren't there and continue on with you're day)
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The lp hose is blowing off? Try a top hat?
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If it has the kind of regulator that is on the bottomline, make sure you are using a tank with a pin valve, those work by opening and closing the tank pin valve itself. If you feed it from a remote you will be getting full tank pressure through the system.

A top hat like SN toter mentioned may help as well, but only if the tubing you are using is rated for the kind of pressure you are putting through it.

It isn't overly difficult to modify the front end to take a Cocker type LPR either, that would likely take care of the issue as well. You could also install a vertical adapter that uses 1/8" NPT threads and has a gauge port - use the gauge port to thread the LPR into.
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Could you explain what this top hat is? Is it like a small circle clamp that goes on the hose over the barb?

The hose I got from but the guy there said it would hold
the fittings are holding

The tank is a brand new ninja tank so it has the pin

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That's exactly what the top hat is. Just a small metal ring that slides over the tubing to lock it down.
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The Odyssey rpm doesn't have a dedicated lp system.
It runs at whatever the bottmline is at all the way through the to valve. Standard fittings, hose, and top hats won't hold.
Small ION hoses work and will hold the stock valve nipples.
IIRC the stock pressure should be around 250psi max.
Been a while since I worked on one but if the front plug is threaded then a dragun/Odyssey/Rex LPR will work. IF it's a slip fit a Diablo Wrath unit will work.
The stock bottomline try will work but cannot be used with a remote as it really is only 1/2 of a regulator and as gods stated requires a tank's pin valve to do the actual regulation duties.
Adding a metric ASA adapter and a regular regulator of your choice was the common mod back when they were new. Or careful retapping of the hose fitting hole to 1/8"NPT and using a standard adapter will allow a normal bottomline setup to be used.
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