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Exclamation Misc. Marker Picture Thread

Well, I requested this section for the Armory, so I better help get it started.

Here's my Line SI Promaster:

And my Black Dragun (Spyder clone):
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I suppose this is a good place for a pic of my Montneel collection:

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Tournament play is about the worst spectator sport out there. I would rather watch Synchronized Dungeons & Dragons.

My Feedback:
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BE Stingray woot
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Wrath LTD, Check-it unimount, ACP delrin bolt, ACP ram sleeve, and soon to have custom ram cap and aluminum eye covers. I have heard mixed reviews on the Wrath, but I have not had ay issues(except user error)
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promaster i just got last night

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My Daystate Patriot 2:

And my lovely F2 Illustrator:
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Link to larger version!

Shortened everything down, chopped more off to bring the AR rail all the way back. I had to shave down part of the picatinny rail because they weren't lining up with standard accessories. I haven't lost any ammo capacity - the feed follower only goes as far as the front of the pump handle. I actually gained extra room for one more ball when I did the bolt forward mod. Also notice the Lonestar Ordinance grip I carved out to fit the wider RAP4 mounting point.

The mods that aren't so obvious really help the performance. The bolt has been moved up about a third of an inch so as to place the ball inside the barrel when everything is chambered and ready to fire. The entire sear system has been reworked to simplify it and enable autotrigger while getting rid of bolt lock and anti double feed. I've also added a knurled thumbscrew to the front of the feed system as well as a Nelspot bolt handle to replace the bolt lug. This means the gun can now be taken down on the field without tools. Still wouldn't want to do it under fire, though.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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