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Azodin markers

Ive never looked into reviews on this brand before. Are they good durable markers?
Do you think they are worth the money?
Input please.
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well, if you went and read some reviews, it would probably answer your question..

that being said, i recently purchased a kaos for my buddy. had to call customer support to get a parts kit for it (didn't come with one), and they shipped it quickly for free, no questions asked. very happy with their service, and for the price, all of their markers seem to be holding up fairly well. i wouldn't hesitate in buying one if i needed a cheaper set up.
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Are they worth it, sure. All the guys I know that started with them loved them, durable and upgradable. Once you get used to pump and want a better gun you can use it as a loner or back up (however if you go with CCM you won't need a backup).
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They're pretty good. If you're buying used and just want a basic, newer used Spyders have the resale value of a used condom (ie. you can pick up a lot of marker for around $50).

What's your budget? You can probably find a used marker of better quality depending on what it is.
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I had an azodin KP+ and the reg just broke down on me. After replacing the entire reg, and still leaking air, I decided to end weeks of hassle and return the azodin Krapos. It has a really high recoil, and the double trigger frame is quite uneccesary. Apparently after my proshop looked at it it was a factory defect, but I didn't want to have anything more to do with the gun and just ended up getting an empire sniper instead. It's expensive, but I'd suggest getting a different gun pending on your budget. They ARE good durable markers, but you need to upgrade them a bit for them to be nice.
1) Feedneck, it's pure awefulness. I had to tighten it and jam in my hopper so it would stop swiveling around.
2) Stock barrel: EXTREMELEY overbored. Like I know some markers do that, but if you decide on an azodin do yourself a favour and get a cp one piece for $40.
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