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Most of the time it's at cost. I've had my dealer run favors, like getting specific coins from certain mints or someone who had a connection. She up charged me 50 bucks for the leg work.

In my case the benefit is purchasing in batches of $1000 or more to avoid certain fees. The final price would would include spot pricing and any collector value involved for certain coins. We've not dealt in bullion yet. Her usual clientele prefers coins.

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Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
The website says "Buy Price: $21.11 * This is the price APMEX will pay you when selling your items to APMEX. Subject to certain minimums."

What are the "certain minimums"?
I've sold to APMEX a few times; they have a $1000 minimum when you sell to them. I picked up a few big lots of coins from estates for face value and sorted them for the silver.

If you're only in it for the silver, not the coins, I would go the ETF route through a brokerage firm. If you look around at the different brokerages you can find ones that have ETFs you can trade without any transaction fees (or a certain number of free trades per year). If you've really got a read on the silver/metals market (I don't pretend to - I use bear/bull triggers for metals), ETFs will let you short it on the downside.
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here is a good info site.

Silver Coin Melt Values with Live Silver Prices - Coinflation
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Silver has reached a 4 year low. Any guesses on which direction it is heading?
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There is good info in this thread. I helped liquidate a fairly large collection last year. There were quite a few dealers in the three large cities I searched, but I found that the best and biggest dealers seemed to all know each other across the country. I had a much better experience when dealing with png dealers:
Find A PNG Dealer | Professional Coin Buyers & Sellers
The two dealers I used that were png members used a no haggle formula based on a weekly price sheet.

In my opinion, there are three reasons people buy coins:
1. to invest in gold and silver
2. numismatic value (apparently some people buy coins like paintball guns)
3. when the zombies come.

If the reason is number 1, I think trading on an exchange is preferable to actually owning the coins. I had to hide the coins, worry about the coins, and never talk about the coins. In addition, the transaction cost on an exchange should be lower than actually dealing with the metal.
If the reason is number 3, I think older american silver currency that is only about 90% silver is the best option. You don't need people to break a super valuable piece, and it is inexpensive to hoard.

btw don't buy anything that is pumped up like the morgan silver dollars...
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Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
Silver has reached a 4 year low. Any guesses on which direction it is heading?
Lower. It still hasn't stabilized from the crash.


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Where do you guys buy your silver from? Do you experience much of a markup on silver bars in your area?
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