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Hmm, let's see..

NWA, Wu-Tang, The Roots, K-OS, Public Enemy, Method Man/Redman, Ludacris for the lulz.
I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.
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Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post
I can't really stand any of the rap/hip-hop they play on the radio, but it is my music of choice. I have my Technic 1200's and 6 crates of wax in my toyroom with all of my markers. I've been to about 50 live shows starting with the My Adidas tour in 1986.
Going to see Swollen Members when they come to town in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.

A fellow Battleaxe warrior here as well. Huge fan of the members not only because they are Canadian but because they have awesome rhymes especially Prevail his lyrics are awesome and thought provoking. Mad Child is talented as well but some of his lyrics are not really all that introspective. Personally though he has writtten their best most catchy songs so far. Favorite songs myself have to be (in no particular order)

Red Dragon
Heavy Thinkers
So Deadly

then just for fun their one big club anthem (kinda poppy and really more pop rap than their normal sound but still a solid tune) Porn Star

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
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some of my favs

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Though i might save this from page two. Heres a taste.

E40 is so hood
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The Def Jam Music Group 10th Anniversary Box Set was all we listened to in college for the most part.... other than the few things I own (below) there isn't anything out there I like now.

Grandmaster Flash and White Lines... some good stuff there. Can't beat Cypress Hill (the self titled album) (I have that, Black Sunday and IV) which is about as close as I get to hardcore rap. Beastie Boys is just fun.. just reminds me of being young and rapping along on the bus rides to school. Some stuff from OutKast (which is funny because I only found about them from that damn song Hey Ya that was played and over played and over played again).

Otherwise most of the new modern hip-hop gangsta scene just turns me off.
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i need to
like its
so you all can be my
because we are
to keep this thread alive
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Most of rap and hiphop is nothing but bull**** garbage however; I do enjoy Ice Cube, Eminem, Schoolly D and Grandmaster Flash.

Originally Posted by GanonsGrin View Post
Did you create an account on here JUST to talk about your fascination with Britney Spears, or do you play paintball on the side as well?
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Good rap is good, bad rap is bad. I enjoy a rapper with a true affinity for English and a tight bass line. This over-produced ****-guzzling garbage like Drake and Lil Wayne needs to GTFO because it has neither. It's all synth and, "bass, how low can you go" and not getting funked up. In the mean time,
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