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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
I forgot about Strapping Young Lad, got a chance to see them live and man they don't disappoint. It's a shame they are no longer together. Devin Townsend is what made them odd, but a good odd!

Man; I had a chance to go see Dev at the Machine Shop in Flint. But lucky for me, my car blew up.

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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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search for "Zombie prostute"

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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sex slaves

Seems to be what is going to play when i hit play on about anything.
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someone already started a thread devoted to them, but i forgot about them before:
Austrian Death Machine
All of their songs are based on quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies
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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
If you can't be bothered to pick up your 12 grams, you don't deserve to be playing on a field. You have pockets. Use them.
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I keep on screwing up my embding of videos so I'm just going to say one thing- ARROGANT WORMS
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