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What's with all the 80's hate?
Any way some of my favourites.
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NIN cover of Gary Numans "Metal"
Have to agree with whoever posted the covers done by Marilyn Manson. Love those.
Mr. Cash covering Hurt

There are so many more rattling around in my head.

EDIT: NIN Cover of Dead Souls by Joy Division!!!!!!!!!!
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it's a dildo.
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This is gonna be a long post... Be warned.

Cause it's been mentioned:

Country Roads - Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies

Little Lion Man(Mumford & Sons) - Tonight Alive

Ecstasy of Gold - Metallica

Snowblind - System of a Down

Duke Nukem - Megadeth

Hungry Like the Wolf - Reel Big Fish

Wish(NIN) - Linkin Park

Astronomy - Metallica

Not normally a fan of Top 40 music, but Walk Off the Earth is awesome. Check em out.

Grenade(Bruno Mars) - Walk Off the Earth

Somebody That I Used to Know(Gotye) - Walk Off the Earth

Someone Like You(Adele)

Party Rock Anthem(LMFAO)

I could go on, but this is enough for now.
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best cover

type o negative : summer breeze

Me first and the gimme gimmes : goodbye earl
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99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger
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best cover

Originally Posted by B-Dazl View Post
This is awesome too;

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover) - YouTube

Warning! It is super-addictive!

wow, that was truly awesome... enjoyed very much..

Cake mahna mahna

Linkin park covering adele...WTF??? actually really good though..

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Best or Worst? You decide!
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Best- Pantera, cat scratch fever.

Reinventing Hell: The Best of Pantera- Cat Scratch Fever - YouTube
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Also, Brie Larson - Black Sheep , i prefer it over metric....

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Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.
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Grim, I was about to post that! Nice work :-)


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If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble.

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