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Any Uke Players out there?!

I figured in the land of Carters and Hawiian shirts I'd surely be able to find some fellow uke enthusists!

I picked one up cheap from the music shop down the road from the University, shortly after my long-time GF suddenly broke it off with me. Helped me take my mind off of things and I figured it might be a handy tool for picking up ladies down the road.

2 months later I now own a nice little concert from Kala and cannot stop playing it. I pick it up and just strum around in the down time. Aside from that, I decided to go the uke route because they travel well, so you can go anywhere and play. Chords are simple to learn, as the four string design allows you to easily strum popular tunes and they are quite the crowd pleaser.

If your out there, it'd be cool to hear your story and any dvice you have to a new player!!!

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I think I may have a Uke comming to me. I would like to tinker with it. I have also been interested in trying claw hammer banjo. I've been on the lookout for a cheap 5 string.

I don't have much of a musical background though. I learned some clarinet and violin as a kid but haven't touched either in maybe 30 years. Recently I have tinkered with a guitar but not with much success.
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Been playing a uke for at least 5 yrs now. I have a nice Jenny Bushman I play at home and a Hilo beater uke in my 2nd grade classroom. Love that I can take it anywhere. Started with a concert size but now actually prefer a soprano. There are some good website and I wish I could go to ukefest in NYC this weekend.

These two dudes are def my idols.
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Wife's family are more hawaiian at heart than anything else. They have made ukes from classes and play occasionaly.
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Still waiting for my vintage Uke.

PS. Uke Punk is awesome!
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So I'm still anxiously awaiting a Uke. In the mean time I decided to pull out told beater Banjo thingies I had in the basement. One is a 4 string Banjo which has a basket case of a fret board and a broken resonater. the other turned out to be a mandolin-Banjo. Both have seen better days.

So I figured 'let's see what I can make out of these!"

After stripping pards from one to semi-repair the other I went down to the local Guitar Center and picked up some Uke strings. Today at lunch I created Mandobanjolele! It seems to be holding tune okay for now. Still needs some work but it is fun to pluck on.

Now I can work on strumming and chords.
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