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I use a mechanical 'mag against all comers, and it's old, slow, and heavy. Probably the two most important things I've learned is: fear no gear, and superior tactics win out over superior firepower any day of the week. I'm looking forward to getting into pump play this year when I get my Nightmares set up. Bring it on!
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I recently played a local 3-man tournament.
A pump team, RC Revolution, entered the same division as our team and took 4th out of 12 teams.
We took 7th.
This has lead to my desperate want of a pump gun.
CCM's seem like the best option, so I'll wait until I have enough money.
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Originally Posted by Gillymonster View Post

Please dont take this as a shameless boast but,
2 months ago I was the lone player left on my team while still facing 7 enemy players in a speedball field. 5 of them were semi armed and not rentals.
I dropped back to the biggest center bunker and prepared to defend myself from the onslaught. I set out 2 of my 50rd pods for quick loading.
2 minutes later I was the last one standing having gogged 5 of them.
I stayed calm and collected the entire time and concentrated on each confrontation.

Not true you say? Ask mOngo, he was there to bear witness to my personal "best game" in the last 10 years.

It's the player not the marker.

I watched Tracy 'Paintjunque' do just this at POG day a few years ago. Took out 3 or 4 Blazer toters with his Super Stocker, 1 after another. It was amazing.
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pump vs semis

^^ that's awesome Curt.

In my opinion theres nothing purer than seeing a skilled pump player make believers out of those who don't consider them field worthy adversaries.
I take every opportunity I can to do just that.

Pump related in a way..
I remember the old 80's APG Editor Randy Kimaya making a list once of things to be revered and respected.
"A two second 12gram change"
I always loved that...

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