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Its all about practice and starting to play all speedball with my phantom and I'm finding it a lot harder to sneak up on my opponents then woodsball. I'm starting to love bunkering people with the phantom though, thats always fun. (just make sure you don't have a rollout, one time i bunkered a guy without a paintball in it, lol.)
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Pump paintball is mostly what I play but when I read your first post all I can imagine is Maxim vs Lee-Enfield.
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What a lot of the guys say, don't stay in one place, make it a habbit not to shoot more then one or two times from the same spot.

Another thing I try to do is, when I know where someone is hidding I focus on that spot.
As soon I see anything popping up from behind the bunker, I take my shot and duck.
If your quick, you shoot the guy before he hits you.

Personally I like to use a sight for the longer shots, but this is very personal.
It can make you a better shot, but it can also hinder you in your game.
But it is always something you can try.

And look for hoppers, a lot of guys out there don't keep their hoppers behind the bunker.

Sometimes I work with a buddy (can be a semi, but also another pump) and we can provided cover for each other.

Not AGG, but ARR
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Pumpers use both hands.
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Take a look here when you need some inspiration.

These guys are 3rd eye vision. They play at red river outside of Nashville, TN The videos you are watching are from a 3man tourney in Clarksville TN.
They got 1st.

It can be done. I won't repeat the already stated great advice. All I can say is the learning curve is steep but when it clicks you will wonder why you ever played semi. Untill then Practice practice practice.
Knowledge is the only good and ignorance the only evil.
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As a pumper, you should be the farthest one down the field. Your carrying less weight so you can make. Let the semi players lay paint behind you. Remember the closer you are to your opponent, the easier it will be to hit them.
Pumper for life.
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I have been playing pump against semis for a while now, I roll out to the scenario with my modded sheridan and like eight 10round tubes of paint, using 12grams.
What I have learned....
Yes, the snap shot is one of your most important tools. you can pop out and take 1 shot at an opponent while he is dumping paint on you or a team mate, most of the time they dont even understand that you took a shot at em.
The long ball is another thing I like to do, To me all it means is well aimed shot, Your pump should be accurate enuff to be able to do this (use best paint you can find)
Movement is really important, use stealth and speed to get into flanking/killing positions.You need to get your "work" done in 1 shot, make it count.
Dont get caught reloading, I use a stock class harness and the 10rounders never leave the harness. I open em up and put them to the phantom feed gate I have installed. Also I use a quick release system for my co2 with a drop out. Try to leave a ball or 2 in while reloading. This makes for a quick change system I can be comfortable with.
Learn to use every little thing you can to your advantage, An example...
playing against an agressive player? make him think your reloading, or shoot from another position making him think you are distracted. I will take a couple shots at no one in particular or at a group..and then disappear. Ideally I will move out of site to another "better"spot while the poeple whos attention I have are still expecting me ate the first spot...Well you get the idea
And keep playing, You will only get better!
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A good thing to remember is that most players ignore single shots. They don't realize that they are being fired upon if you space your shots.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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I am not a macodomy!!
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Teamwork can be a great asset for you. I generally try and make it as far up the field as my over the hill body can get me, and play guerilla tactics. The other team may ignore your sporadic shots every sec or so and that gives you plenty of time to shoot and move and harass them.
If they continue to ignore you, great, find your shot and take em out. (don't forget those shoes or pod packs they make great targets that the balls break on almost all the time)
If the occasional ball wizzing by their head every sec does get there attention or ire the snap shot will drive them mad trying to hit the quick glimpse you give them while dodging your shot. Let them dump hoppers at your bunker and listen for any movement coming from their side, heavy pod packs and poofy pants make lots of noise if you know what to listen for.
If they are to engrossed with you one of your team should be able to take them out easily if they know to watch over you, either you get a elimination or you serve one up. It's just as good either way I believe.
Lastly if you get some pads and do ample stretching before hand you can pull off some nifty slides, rolls or other acrobatic maneuvers since there is no hopper or tank to worry about getting in the way or breaking off.
And if none of that works just have fun, try something crazy. But keep up the practice you should be saving enough in paint money to splurge on a bag for just target shooting and practicing your shooting stance. Your not the first person to reach this "hump" with a pump just don't give up and make sure you enjoy it even if your getting shot out every game.
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
A good thing to remember is that most players ignore single shots. They don't realize that they are being fired upon if you space your shots.
Also, one of my favorite things to do is let the semi players take the front line and I like to flank un noticed and like russc says you will probably not be noticed until the damage is done.
The last few times I played I got a couple of very satisfiying butt shots for the kill.
And of course the line I like to hear the most. "you shot me with a pump?"
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I'm not young or fast enough to go far off of the break, but I do try to get to a flank off the start every game. From there, if it is open, I'll push up the field. If there's alot of paint in the air, I just stay tucked in and call out positions, etc. Within a minute or so most games I'm as good as invisible because people are looking and listening for lots of shooting to locate the other team. Since I'm not making noise, I can move easily.

As has been said above, most people don't notice single shots, so when I do get to a position where I have angles, I make sure that the first few shots are well-spaced and well-placed. To do that you have to practice. I try to shoot 20-30 AIMED rounds at the chrono station before each day of play to see how the paint is flying and to get the feel for whatever gun I picked up that morning.

That's the pump advice. You should also work to develop better overall game awareness. The next time out ignore all of us regarding being super aggressive and just hang back a few games and focus on staying alive and watching how the game is developing. Be the eyes and mouth of your team. Pick a back bunker and try to call out every other player on the other team and also describe what they are doing. This will not only help your team, but also get you used to the flow of games and increase your awareness of what the other team is doing.

For example, know how many people are on the other team. Off the break you should know how many people went right, left, and up the middle and approximately where they went. From that point, you should start calling out which sides of bunkers they're shooting out of, any eliminations you see, and when and where they try to move. Every minute or so summarize how many people are left on the other team and where they are. If you do that well, you'll find that within a couple of games you'll be able to anticipate what the other team is likely to do. Once you can do that, you're ready to get aggresive and exploit the weaknesses you find.

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