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I go with my Dad almost every other weekend. He is 60 and he manages to fit in with the rest of the crowd at the field! In my opinion, it all depends where you play. From my experience, the younger male players tend to dominate the speedball field, but at dedicated woodsball fields, there is a larger variety of players (mostly due to renters).

But don't let age groups stop you man. It might be a little weird hanging out with 15 year olds, but you all have one thing in common... Paintball!
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I'm a 32-years-young 'baller from the central-PA area. I've been in the sport steadily since late 2006, more or less, but I've been interested in it since way before then - it was always too expensive... I think that with the hard economy - you'll see less younger players (who are more erratic and less dedicated) and more of the old-school, older, and more dedicated players on the field. Especially if the price of paint keeps going up as it has. Those of us who have invested more of our own hard-earned cashola into the sport tend to stick with it a bit more than the kiddoes that had their markers and gear paid for by mommy and daddy. They're just not as invested in getting out there, and having a good time as those of us that have paid our own way. Just my 2 cents....
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I'm in the "older" spectrum as well and still consider myself a newb.
I was in the same situation as you (playing 1x a year for special events) until this past winter. The bug bit me and I was in the constant search for my own gear.

I still try to head out 1x a month and don't feel too out of place. Yes, most of them are younger, but it is so easy to relate to the players/refs. Just talk paintball and what they are into and they just open up.
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Don't worry about your doesn't matter. I'm currently 63 and closing in rapidly on 64. Been paling for 15 years and have spent the last 5 almost exclusively playing pump in semi games. Friends? None of my old friends played but I soon was making many new friends at my home field (Splat Tag). Now my wife feels more uncomfortable at social events than I do. Play pump, everyone will admire the "old guy" with the pump.
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We have had a few younger kids play at our open games, and while it's a bit weird at first to see the mix of old duders and kids, it's been pretty cool. It has helped that the kids have generally been good at listening and simply acting above their age, although most of the time you end up being a sort of field-parent or some such. We've had far more 30-something jackasses acting stupid, though.
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I started playing paintball at 16 (2005), and it's amazing how times have changed. Electronic paintball markers were not standard on a woodsball field (not like they are now, maybe an Angel every now and then but nothing that blew an Automag outta the water). Now everyone wants speed, ropes of paintballs flying towards the poor sucker in front of them , I can't keep up with it (so I bought a Mini, but still had troubles with that). I've gone from lets run into the gates of hell back to the theory behind the greek phalanx, keep 'em at a distance, but not out of sight . The game has certainly changed, hopefully, even in SP's mutated form, they'll refrain from mass production of another evil re-incarnate of the Ion
SOL, outnumbered, one paintball per person should do the trick
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