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I am 34 and have been playing consistently for about 6 years (?). Wow, my PBnation account is from 2004, so it really has been that long.

I still feel the same way, sometimes, but if you have fun, who the heck cares. Better to be out running around in the sun getting exercise. There's a guy at the field where I play who must be close to 60. I remember him saying he played one weekend with his son and the next weekend sold his golf clubs to buy paintball equipment.
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When I moved to Kansas 6 years ago I moved from the fields where I always knew someone and had friends I'd played the game with for 10 years around me to a place where I didn't have a single friend to go play with or field that I had ever been to before.

During the games is easy. It's the down time between games that it can feel lonely when you're at a table by yourself.

It was awkward at first, but I just went and played. As I went to the field more often the refs and manager started recognizing and remembering me. That gave me someone to talk to within 10 years of my age. From there, I just tried to be friendly with everyone. If you are in with the refs, they can and often will introduce you to the regulars worth knowing.

Now every time I go to the field the refs say hi, and I rarely have a day I'm not playing with 2-3 people I know. I've also met teams that I can run with at the scenarios I attend -again making it easier to go solo.

Also, I've found that it can be really fun to play with younger kids and help them along. I was not nearly as likely to do that when I was with 5-6 friends I wanted to play with, but I find it really fun and refreshing now. I think sitting back and helping the team win without me firing a shot is as much fun as a good gunfight now, and like to think doing so has contributed to a more positive experience for everyone.

Don't worry about it, just play honorably and have fun and you'll meet people. If your local field is of any quality, you should be able to establish yourself and not feel lonely even if you arrive by yourself.

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Take your friends out for a day of paintball and get them hooked!

I totally understand, my brother plays and I have 2 good friends that play. I will rarely go out and play by myself. I have meet several players on MCB in my area and I try to drag them out to play. There is usually a couple of older guys at my local field and a handful of pumpers. If you play pump, pumpers automatically let you in their club. I am 37.
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Thanks for all the good, positive feedback.
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I played paintball for the first time when I was 27 and got hooked. I'm 31 and I still play. I have no intention on stopping anytime soon. When I play at the field there are generally a handful who are above 25 so it's not too bad, but hey I give props for being fit enough to play.
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I guess I was in the same boat a couple of years ago. I have been playing since 1995. I went to the military, played a little there and afetr six years in I got married and stopped for a bit. I pick it back up once I got into Law Enforcement. I did the whole; search the internet for the best gear and buy it to make up for the lost skill thing but it didn't work.

I play strictly pump against much faster and younger kids at the field launching 30 misses a second. At first it was awkward but Mike is right, once the mask comes down, there is no age.
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I have 47, usually one of the oldest on the field with matching marker , I shoot mechs 95% of the time, been play since 1992 or so, really got hooked around late 90's with the Autococker, tired alot of eframe markers but always went back to mechs.
I would say must of the players here are early 20's to mid 30's, but in woodsball/rec I see alot of families playing, which I think is cool.
Living next to one of the largest Military bases personal wise, playing is never an issue for me,we have 3 fields in the area. it is just when it gets in the 90(+) degree weather, most of my playing is from fall to spring.
Also my wife is 51 ( she will beat me for telling her age) and plays in the winter months, and 5 of my 6 children play3 of which are females.
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It is somewhat embarrasing being eliminated by someone 3" 10" tall ..........they have a great advantage hiding.
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You have some nerve coming in here and saying 29 is old. Many of our members are more seasoned then that.
Paintball is fun!
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Originally Posted by bond commander bond View Post
It is somewhat embarrasing being eliminated by someone 3" 10" tall ..........they have a great advantage hiding.
LOL it can be, but it is a real boost for them!
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