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Ariakon Sim-5 pro elite issue

Hello everyone, having a bit of an issue here and wondering if anyone here can make some suggestions, i have a sim-5 pro (amazingly accurate btw)

Went to skirmish this sunday, had a great time and all but the quick disconnect located on the magazine broke off, the gun tech at skirmish took a look at it for me and said that it would have to be replaced on the inside of the magazine but he didnt carry that specific disconnect since ariakon made all of their stuff custom

does anyone know where i might be able to purchase this or have one for sale? even if i have to buy a new magazine kit for it i dont mind
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Can you post a picture of the part that is broken?
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cant provide a pic of my own until i get home but if u look at this pic its the little nozzle that sticks out of the magazine
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is it just fitting that is broken? like is the quick dis snapped down the middle?
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not sure if you mean if the quick disconnect is broken completely, from opening it it seems that it broke off where its threading, thats why i want to know if anyone knows where i can get a whole kit to just replace the thing
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if it's just the nipple that broke off .... can you replace the fitting with a standard 1/8" npt nipple and then change the fitting on your remote to match? use an EX-out to remove the broken thread portion.

it is possible Ariakon used a metric threaded fitting though ... likely need to source one from a hydraulics outlet though, not going to find one at a PB store.

a picture of the inside of the mag showing the offending damage would go a long way in helping though. It may be easier in the long run to replace the entire internal parts for standard fittings if they use proprietary fittings (but if they aren't NPT I'm guessing they'll be metring or ORB/S fittings (similar to Warsensor remotes, tippmann tombstone fittings, and older VL/BE bottomline fittings).
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i will be home in a few hrs and will definitely post some pics, i agree when you say to replace the internal with a standard one
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You will need to replace the hose along with the nipple, afaik.
From what i remember of my Sim5, the 10-32 - 1/8 adapter is a separate piece, but im not sure whether its NPT or Metric.
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