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Originally Posted by Blackops View Post
I have a question regarding occluded sights. Is there a preferred method to using them as per your dominant eye? Would you aim with your dominant eye or sight with your dominant eye, or does it matter?
You can really learn it either way. Sights are much slower than muscle memory, so you are already giving up some time anyway.

In theory, something in front of your dominant eye should cause your nd eye to follow. However, your brain can override that so that you keep your attention on your target and not your feedneck.

At a minimum, I have to squint my unobstructed left eye to fully sight down with my right.

Regardless of your preferred eye, occluded sights take some practice to get comfortable with. Not that they are uncomfortable, but you have to forget about the sight and just look at your target. At that point your brain will overlap a blurry feedneck and sight with a clear target.

They are not the end all of paintball accuracy, but they are often worth the entertainment in slower games.
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Thanks everyone, ill try all the suggestions made, specifically the 45 degree tilt, and the index finger point trick.

Regarding the OEG sights, i dont have much of an issue of using those, but i find them to be fairly useless, since they are only moderately useful and are completely useless for careful aiming for that single shot into a small body part sticking out
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I wouldn't got that far. OEGs work nearly the same as any other sight once you get used to them.
Is there a Less Expensive Alternative to Armson Sights?

Edit: Almost forgot- a red dot sight will do the same thing as an OEG if it's blocked, so if you just want something to try out use the $8.99 Daisy electronic sight and mount it pointed at your feed tube. It won't work as a red dot in that configuration, but you'll still be able to sight with it if you treat it like an OEG.

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