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After playing indoors on a rough concrete floor, I adopted a triple knee protection system. I wear JT SKinz knee/shin pads, the rigid APP knee/shin guards, and Dye pants. I am 6'4" and 185 lbs (I was considerably heavier when I started wearing the above). The APP guards take a while (a season or so) to really break in, but are totally worth it.

I came home for Christmas without my pads and I played indoors. After the first game I had bleeding knees and had to borrow a set. I guess I slide and drop/dive around a lot. It is great for outdoors as well, knowing you can kneel or drop onto pretty much anything and be fine.

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I was using these Pryme knee/shin guards. They took an absolute beating because I would wear them with shorts. The shin has a hard plastic piece that can be removed if you want. I'm due for another pair. If they have enough protection to stop a bike pedal from rigging your knee and shin up they should be more than sufficient for paintball.

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every knee pad I ever wore fell down or rubbed the backs of my knees raw until I bought adidas wrestling knee pads for like $15 online.

I only really need to wear them at EMR for all them nice pointy rocks.
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I have a teammate who swears by his BMX knee/shin guards. Similar to what agentSmith posted, but they have three or four velcro loops that can be undone for easy removal, instead of having to slide them off. BMX knee/shin guards the route I'm going for this season, I've had enough of the falling down or irritating the backs of knees.
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I bought a pair of these Valken knee/shin guards at OK D-Day last year and have been very happy with them. I am 47 and have one knee with some troubles, and these are tight enough to stay up, and provide enough compression support to sub for an ace knee support. I normally play in a kilt, outdoors, and they have held up well to the abuse so far.
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I run mtn bike armored knee / shin guards

They are a hard target to take a hit on,
but they keep my knees happy

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Ok, a little bit different of a question. I play woodsball, and woodsball only (may try speedball soon). How worth it is it to get some kneepads? I'm thinking of getting some as I go in only shorts and a tee when I go. I don't slide for this reason, but still get low. I would like to slide, but know how bad it could screw up my knees in all that dirt, branches, etc.
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It's always worth it to get some knee protection before you really screw something up... I wear my knee pro under my Full Clip USA multicam pants and wouldn't have it any other way...

Oh and on agentSmith's write up I went ahead and ordered some of the Kali Aazis Soft Knee Guards to replace my aging '08 Empire Ventz Knee/Shin pads...

here's what I ordered last night and I ordered them from here :


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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
I figure this is as good a place as any to post this noob like question. I have been playing for years using ace knee wraps as pads. i would like to get a more substantial set of knee pads. i looked into military type bdu pads once but i think something that is under the pants works better (hence the ace knee braces). thats why i think paintball type knee pads would be best so down to the real question i am looking for what kind of pads you would recommend for a big guy like me.

I like the Alta tactical knee pads...either the Flexline or the Superflex work great depending on what environment you are playing in.
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Dye Core Knee Pads, I personally wear a 2XL

I'll play 25+ points of XBall, shoot 5 cases of paint, do 15+ full speed superman dives and when I take them off, my knees feel like I've been sitting on the couch all day

I've used them also in the woods. My first pair lasted me for 2 years, and I just replaced them about 6 months ago with a fresh pair.

they don't protect the shins, but for kneeing down, Dye Core is what I use and I can't live without them
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