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Knee pads

I figure this is as good a place as any to post this noob like question. I have been playing for years using ace knee wraps as pads. i would like to get a more substantial set of knee pads. i looked into military type bdu pads once but i think something that is under the pants works better (hence the ace knee braces). thats why i think paintball type knee pads would be best so down to the real question i am looking for what kind of pads you would recommend for a big guy like me.
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I was the same, using those foam kneepads you get when you're laying tile... They worked, but you're right, paintball specific is much better. I just got a pair of Planet Eclipse Distortion kneepads and I'm loving them. IIRC they're the cheapest too.
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Knee pads are key, but the military ones are not so good. At least for me, I found that they bunched behind my knees and had to be tightened down hard to stop them from slipping.

I would go with paintball specific knee pads for the comfort and ease of use. Personally I like the built in knee pads on my DBD pants.
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The only paintball specific knee pads I've used are Dye ones and I absolutely love them. They provide protection and support for my weak knees.
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i couldnt agree more with Lefty. DYE pads work very well and im a rather big guy with bad knees as it is.
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When I feel the need for them I use my adidas wrestling knee pads. They don't bunch up behind my knee or fall down to my shins and they breath very well so behind my knees don't get rubbed raw.
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I use 2008 planet eclipse knee pads. Having elastic straps holds them in place when sliding without cutting off circulation to my feet.
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Dye Wins. They are expensive, but well worth it.
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still using a set of dyes from 2004 and they have held up fairly well.
got a set of empires in 05 or 06 and they started falling apart pretty quick, they stay with my gear in case my dyes get soaking wet or something.
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I have a pair of NXe Knee pads from 08, and they are just now starting to tare.

I know if your a Budget Baller that VollyBall Knee Pads work good
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