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First of all, welcome to the sport, and sympathies for your new addiction.

And by all means wear and use what you like. Most of us do.

As to your question, you will be judged by your attitude and playing ability, hopefully in that order.

There tends to be a certain personality type that gravitates toward the appearance of tournament-level play, typically called the 'agglet'.

This is generally exemplified by uber high-end markers and the most fashionable gear, and worst of all, by a pugnacious arrogance on and off the field. Typically this involves looking down the nose at players who either cannot afford high-end equipment or who do not choose to use such, as well as abuse of players that appear to be 'weak', whether owing to youth or to obvious inexperience, or to the use of lower-end gear.

This personality type also owes its name to extreme aggression toward aforementioned 'weak' players, and often is guilty of the cardinal sins of shameless wiping, bonus-balling, and other flagrant forms of bad conduct.

In its essence we are talking about someone with no sense of sportsmanship. This is a person who would play full-contact football with a toddler and then, having trampled the child, run the field and scored a touchdown, would find nothing offensive in a vicious ball-spike and lengthy victory shuffle.

And perhaps owing to the typical lack of skill of the agglet, such dances of triumph may actually contain no irony.

You will find that more than a few of the folk in here have relished in the ultimate delectation, namely, the humbling of agglets by means of the lowly pump.

Be advised that your appearance may be mistaken for the agglet, but this usually can be mitigated or eliminated entirely by having a great attitude and being respectful of your fellow players and in general being a good sport.

But your simply asking the question here seems to imply you haven't got the recessive gene known as Agglets Syndrome.

Again welcome aboard.
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Im sorry you stress penny things this much, life must be rough.

Wear what you want. the Haterz
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ehh where what you want, I wear 'pro' pants and an eclipse jersey with an eclipse head wrap while i play pump. The paintball specific clothing has built in padding, is made to slide in aka can take a beating which it does.

Really wear whatever you want and as long as you dont act like a jerk no one will treat you like one.
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
I'll be munching on this box for months!
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Originally Posted by corykusmc06 View Post
Would i be labeled as a poser or wanna be or somthing?
Nope. But if you act like a knob on the field I'm sure you'd get it then.
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Just my opinion.... I wear paintball specific pants cause I got tired of my shots bouncing off of other players legs and breaking on mine. Otherwise for rec play sometimes people get intimidated by guys decked out in all matching "tournament" uniforms. Wear whatever is comfortable till you figure things out at the field you play at.
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just a different direction here...

in rec games, i'll shoot for the guys with the high-end gear first.
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I think that you did the right thing, You dove in head first buying used goods that are already devalued. worst case sell it for a lil less than what you bought it for.
Watch a few online vids and remember that with experience you will Gain confidence and Skill.
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wear and shoot whatever makes the game enjoyable for you. i wear woodland camo pants, a blue march of dimes shirt from my employers team, and empire forearm pads.
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As long as you bring your go-nads and heart with you . It's all preference but once you get labeled a poser then it would be kinda hard to lose that title. I've played with a dude that wore Dye everything and had a Dye dm10 or 11, he claimed he was playing against the dudes using rental tippy 98's to make himself get better, totally tacky IMO..
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Wear what you want and use what you want. Just keep in mind most new players will take a look at your set up to determine if you are any good. If you look like a pro player to them they will think you are a pro player. During the summer I wear my paintball pants even when working at the field and I get accused of being a pro player and I am no where close to even thinking I am a pro.
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