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Originally Posted by BlueDragonX View Post
Industry standard is 10 or 11.

There's an additional requirement that, as a friend, parent, and honorable player, should not be overlooked: if that mask doesn't fit he shouldn't play! Most masks are made for adults, and if the kid is small for his age, the mask is not likely to fit. Make sure a mask is going to fit him before he gets out on the field.

Safety first, man.

The mask fitting was what I was going to say. If it doesn't fit properly (good fit around the eyes with no gap) then no go!

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B'ah, it depends on the child, and the atmosphere.

My daughter is 11. Knowing the commercial fields around here THERE IS NO WAY she would walk onto any of them.

However, playing with friends, with pumps, around the house with a good ratio of responsible adults to children? No problem at all, and it really would not have been a problem several years ago. Understand this is a laid back game, and we chrono all the markers closer to 250 than 300.
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It sounds like you guys are saying the same things that was thinking about, namely that it depends on the kids ability to understand and follow safety rules (mask especially) and for the mask to fit properly. I think I'm going to stick by my recommendation that my co-worker come out and play first, get a feel for the sport and have a good appreciation for the rules, and only after that bring his kid out. I'll suggest that he make his son take one in the chest for good measure.

Thanks for bouncing some ideas back folks.
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Youngest player I have seen was a few years ago. He was 5 years old, packed a full milsim marker and load. He kept up with everyone just fine and did great. He knew the safety bits, mask, barrel sock and all.

The average age though seems to be about 10.
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^ Duct tape has excellent uses to keep things in place xD

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There is a 9 year old at my field that has been playing for a few years now. No joke he is one of the best players there. Everyone says he will be pro by the time he is 15. its funny to see grown men change which side they are taking because some one under 4 ft is lined up same direction on opposite side of the field lol.
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You are only to young if you can't fit a mask safely on your face. Going out with your eldest parent or someone to supervise you, and I see nothing wrong with it!
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
10 or 11 are the most popular cutoff points for insurance purposes.
8 actually...
there are more FIELDS that actually raise that up to 10

I think the cut-off should be 14 years of age, (basically when you enter grade 9, you will have a student card to prove it)

I know this ruins it for some of the young ones, But I believe that in order to play one must understand and know the field and gun safety first.

I also understand many young kids do well in the whole goggle's on, dont shoot into your barrel bag in the staging area, dont shoot the ref, dont keep shooting when a guy a screaming he is out, ect ect.

But the difference between 100 kids at age 10, and 100 kids at age 14.
thats a huge difference in maturity for a majority of them.

Also, the "what happens when it get hit" as a ref I get to watch them flood into the field all day, and I have never seen a young paintballer without at least 3 layers of clothing, ranging from Coats, winter puff jackets, overalls Over Overalls and various other articles of clothing.

I honestly think that just makes it worse because the guy across the field is doing his best to get a paintball to break, But the field limit is 240, and we only allow field grade paint... Not going to happen.

I read the stories members here have of 10 and 11 year olds who play well, understand the game, and honestly should by all means be allowed to play. I'm still waiting to see it with my eyes.

Its a level of self maturity, intelligence (being able to understand the rules) and self control.

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While I have no doubt there are plenty of youngin's out there who can handle the game, IMO, kids shouldn't be playing paintball regularly until they are old enough to have some sort of job and pay for their own gear and paint.

Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't take my own kids out to play paintball before that, or occasionally give them gear as a gift or throw them a case of paint on occasion, but I think that sort of thing should be a TREAT, not a regular occurrence. Birthday parties and such, if you know what I mean. #1, That also ensures that they will be mature enough that I won't have to babysit them out on the field and #2- We have enough little agglets out there on mommy and daddy's dime already and look how much that has helped the sport. My kids will earn their paintball experience so that they don't take it for granted.
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Agree with the drag em' out back and shoot them method. Till my son is willing to take a hit , no point in taking him to the field. He is 11 and is still no way.

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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
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