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If you need to get a fan to prevent fogging, consider one of these:

EZCreation's Fanz

My JT Vortex made a ton of noise and couldn't keep up with fogging if I didn't leave it on all the time. The Fanz kit worked wonders at half the price.
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Brass and Wood Fan
i recommend anything with a double paned thermal lense, the one on my i4 has never fogged up, even during a downpour we played in. i would never buy another mask without them.
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echo 20/20 hands down. i love mine. usually find them cheap on ebay and they have a fan built into them.
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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
I have been a JT Spectra user for many years. Bang for buck I love em.

but everyone has their preference lol =) Try a few on at a local shop and get what suits ya best!

of all the things you get do NOT scrimp on gear FIRST!
Agreed,theyre the Tippman of goggles.I have my original Flex 7 from 1995
.if you have a big head like myself,theyre the one for you IMHO
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I have the same issue being a big sweater do to being diabetic. An I have found nothing better than vforce. I dont even have to use fan s an still have no fogging issue s.
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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
but everyone has their preference lol =) Try a few on at a local shop and get what suits ya best!

of all the things you get do NOT scrimp on gear FIRST!
that being said
Dye I3 pro with your choice of soft ears, thermal lens and some FogDoc for both sets of lenses(I wear glasses) have never had a fogging issue

oh and look at AUTOMAG RT can be had for about the same price and a better investment IMO

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I translated this as: Scenario games are popular with overshooting douchebags raging on cocaine and steroid cocktails while roasting puppies and punching babies. Stay home unless you enjoy impromptu fistfights.

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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
for a mask I'd say vforce profilers if you can find a used pair. Even if the lens is beat as long as the frame is solid buy them. You can buy a new lens for $20 and off you go. I absolutely freaking love mine. I've never had a pair of goggles that fit me so perfectly given I have a smaller head and with wearing glasses I always have fogging issues but the foam on the profilers completely seals off the hot air from my nose/mouth from my glasses/mask lens so no fogging issues no matter how hard I go all day. Not to mention even with the bottoms being flexible it's not a super floppy all over the place flexible but more of a if a ball was going slow enough it would bounce but if it's a close shot it'll stay rigid kind of flexible kinda hard to explain really.

TL;DR Profilers best mask ever for the money.
I got back in the sport and bought a set of Profilers. I love them!
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As bad as it sounds, when I am working the counter at the store I tell my customers that one thing you do not want to skimp on is goggles. In my opinion they are the most important piece of gear beyond anything else. you cannot define yourself as a paintball player if you have lost your eyes. Go with what is the most comfortable, offers the best coverage (ex: I have a ginormous head, so Dye goggles are out for me), and meets your price range. For a lot of folks, it is the VForce line. They offer great coverage, are comfortable, breathe well, have a great field of vision, and with the release of the thermal lenses, they do not fog. You can pick up a pair of Profliers new for $60-ish.
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So I did the best thing I could think of. Took a picture of the inside of my trunk and texted it to her with the word "HELP" and didn't respond to her many texts.
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I'm just coming back to the sport after a brief hiatus and back to JT Flex strictly for tradition. I'm not a fan of the harder masks that are around now.
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I have Proto Switch's and VForce Profilers, both of them fogged. My brother has Profilers and a Save Phace mask, both fogged for him as well. I had considered buying something higher end, but would have been extremely ticked if I continued to have fogging issues after dropping $100+ on a mask. He and I both just bought fans. I got mine through EZ Creations, he rigged up his own kits.

I know nothing about the loader mentioned, but can say that you can pick used Halos up here and on Ebay for considerably cheaper. I bought both of mine for around $50 a couple of years ago. I've seen them for $30-$45 quite a bit lately.

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