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Originally Posted by The Hunter: DG View Post
Ok, so I'm not gonna get a regulator I guess, you guys have helped me out and I've asked around and most people say it really isnt worth it, and the remote hose does help I think. If I got an Empire Tracer what all should I do to it? Can I put an Apex on it? Does it need a regulator? And I plan on probably running one of those off of a remote hose also. Some of you guys might like it but I absolutely hate having the tank in the way.
My question is:

Why are you set on upgrading? I don't really understand the need to. IMO, "upgrades" do nothing for you. Save the money and spend it on playing.
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Id suggest playing for a while to get a feel for the gun, then change what you don't like.
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Like others have said, don't waste your money on a tippy to make it shoot better when the end of the day you find out your stock barrel suits you better than your 17" $200 boomstick. I spent ridiculous amounts of money on my phenom to make it better and then turned it back to stock form with the exception of internal upgrades and realized how kick *** it was in the beginning. Just sayin- be careful out there and don't be tempted by all sales and deals.
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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Yup. The Apex isn't that big a deal and on a tracer, it's not going to make hardly any difference.

If you're dead set on spending money, start researching your "Dream Marker"...instead of piddling $30-$45 away at a glance on this or that, just put those funds into your Marker Fund. You'll get the $650 you need for a sweet CCM or Ego or whatever a hell of a lot faster that way!
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Bring out the 68-specials! Solve your problems by drawing the liquid purposefully! Watch as you lose sight of your paintballs in the giant cloud of smoke!

Tippmanns usually just need a barrel upgrade, nothing else is really worthwhile, because they work no matter what you done did (*fixed*).
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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post

Tippmanns usually just need a barrel upgrade, nothing else is really worthwhile.
Unless you like to tinker. There is a lot you can do to Tippmanns. They can become money pits if you are not careful. In some cases they even multiply. I currently have four 98 Customs (no gills) and one Model 98 (the one with the gills) at various stages of tinkering.
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Originally Posted by The Hunter: DG View Post
I also would like to try and get a good pump gun, never really had a good one before, but I think it would be fun to try out. So any suggestions on those would also be appreciated.
The Trracer has been mentioned, but other inexpensive options are the Tippmann SL-68 II (which is now $100, by the way), the Azodin Kaos Pump (~$180), or a Check-It Products 'Cocker pump (aka a "Sniper") from pbgateway (also ~$180).
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I would go ahead and suggest thinking about a different marker if you want more performance. Save your money and find a classic mag with an expansion chamber, which will be a better marker than any tippmann 98 no matter what you do to it.
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I found the only great upgrade for 98s was the Ebolt,
which turned it into an electro,
and with a good reg,
keeps it shooting consistantly
and maybe the double trigger paired with the Ebolt

Any other stuff on it would just be cosmetic

If you love your Tippy 98 another site to check out would be
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Ha, yep.

Or , like others have said, he could save that money and actually buy a nice used quality gun, probably already setup with some upgrades, that will shoot better than any Tippmann.

It's like cars. You can dump all the money in the world into upgrades for a Honda Civic to get it to do what a Porsche can do bone stock, but at the end of the day its still a Honda and you probably would have been better off just saving for a used Porsche.
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