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I think Titus still has rental unibody nelsons for $40.

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Originally Posted by Koga149 View Post
Okay, so all the phantom's i've found have been like $300, and most have some insane anoziding going on. I'm more looking for a cheaper one, and i dont really care about finish. Any advice on where to look? I'm tempted to machine my own, but i'd rather just find a cheap one in arguable condition.
Check out the bst there are several Phantoms under 200 bucks. They rock!
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Yeah, until get more into stock class, can't really beat a Phantom. Not that I'm the first person to say this, but yeah, and a basic setup can be had for $150-$200 no problem.
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I have a VSC phantom and an OC cocker with CCM pump kit, AT, and 86 frame. Both have unique fun things about them. It would be hard to pick my favorite. I usually start my day with the cocker and switch to the phantom as I get tired of carrying around the weight.

I like the pump feel of the cocker, the weight of the phantom. I personally find the cocker to be more accurate, but it could also be that I have a freak kit on it and the stock barrel on the phantom. That will all change when I get my ASP round head body.

So what's my point? Buy both!
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take the time to check into the details behind your options
stare at them - if there is a local shop - handle them
make your choice based on the things you learn and what you experience

oh and rule #1

when you play do not be discouraged if things dont go your way right away - treat each time you are shot out as an opportunity to learn - why did you get hit - how did you get hit

take the time to learn your marker - how to care for it - how to fix it - what parts do you need for it - what tools - etc

take the time to prepare yourself - excercise some, stretch, have proper supplies (food/drink/painkillers)

oh yea - HAVE FUN

get friends together and see what folks like to do


you get the picture =)
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If your still having trouble finding phantoms (like that's hard)
browsing TechPB's Pump section is a good search too. there wont be as many members on the forums with pumps. However, Anyone with a "Players Club" blue name, is a known good guy.

in order to get into PC you give name, address, phone number, ect ect so they are proved to be upstanding members who wont try anything funny.
Likewise a MCB membership has similar benefits. Low chance that a MCB member would try to pull a fast one.

Pump Markers - TechPB Forum
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Here's an idea:

Try out stock class play with your existing marker setup first. Walz makes excellent "Cram n' Jam" Stick just put that in your feedneck instead of a hopper.

No need to buy a new marker to play with 10 round tubes. Try that a while and see if you like it!

More info here: WALZ cram and jam stick feeds
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I have a maverick for sale, bucket changer included. I'd go with a nelson valve of some kind.
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