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Learning to switch hands while shooting - Missing something

I understand the need to shoot from both sides of the bunker. I don't understand how this requires switching hands.
I am left eye dominate but right handed. So my right hand is on the trigger, and left is on the pump. When I shoot out the right side of the bunker, I try to keep my right arm down, and when I shoot out the left, I keep my left arm vertical. How would switching hands decrease my exposure?
I have been playing pump without a stock or rear facing air tank. Is that what gets in the way?
Missing something here.
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Woodsball or speedball? It doesn't matter THAT much in rec play.
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Assuming you always shoulder the gun on your right shoulder also, when you snap out left side to shoot you would be exposing your whole torso to get the gun out to shoot from the right side of your body. If you shoot with your left hand out the left side all that should be exposed is your gun, arm(which should be fairly tucked in), and part of your head.
Its hard to explain but it does reduce your exposure a decent amount switching hands. But if you play well not switching, then don't! Play how you enjoy playing.
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may have overexagerated the importance at jeagers on saturday. It's not something you have to do and if you're not comfy with it, don't. I was really just trying to relay a method of learning how to get comfy with switching hands. Shooting with either hand just opens up some other options for body positioning.
With semis I tend to stick to right handed shooting but with pumps I will switch back and forth though I always go back to right handed for reloading or 12 gram changes even if I pull the tube from the right.
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Obeastly, I don't think you exaggerated because there are tons of youtube videos "teaching" this. I just could not understand why.
Stump, you may be correct. It may all be about the shoulder rather than the hands. It seems more comfortable to me to switch shoulders without switching hands. On a shotgun, it is logical to switch shoulder and hands to make sure the recoil does not get out of control. On a maker, this does not seem to matter.
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Actually you don't have to switch hand. I know a lot of players play "Dixie cross".
How to Hold Your Gun?

Whatever makes you comfortable, shoot accurately and leaves a small profile will work.
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I agree that you use whatever is comfortable and works.

The reason for all the concern is that it is typically quicker to develop an accurate pointing of the marker with minimal exposure by just switching everything up. It still takes practice to train your left side.

On some bunkers, it's no big deal if you switch or not. My field has a couple of bunkers that really push you to switch. They are these vertical, short half pipes where the angles push you into the concave of the half pipe and you have no room to hang out of the back. They are on the right side of the field, so you catch fire from the left.

I am left eye dominant myself, and the problem I often get into is only using my left eye when using a new marker setup for my left hand. With only one eye and a barrel in the hypertube corrugations, I'm hard to hit, but I often forget that I can't judge the distance and my left hand doesn't already know where I'm pointing either. I feel pretty silly when I realize that I'm missing in the exact same way every shot.
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Some simple time in front of the mirror will clear this up.

IMO, switching hands is optional; switching shoulders is not (for most of the gun setups that you guys run).

If you're comfortable with left hand on foregrip, right hand on trigger, you actually can still maintain that on the left side and keep roughly the same profile as long as you just shift the entire gun over and shoulder the tank on the left side.

Pump might be a little different (because you're not holding onto a typical foregrip), depending on configuration, but for electros this seems to work just fine.

The "Dixie Cross" as pictured should really be reserved for Q-Loaded/Warp/mag fed setups.
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when shooting semi sometimes I switch sometimes I don't it does not really make a lot of difference for me. When playing pump though it seams easiest to switch hands. Like everybody has already said shoot how your comfortable being comfortable shooting will do more for your game than switching hands.
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I became mostly ambidextrous (I say mostly because it depends on whether it is a semi or a pump and how smooth the pump stroke is) by forcing myself to adopt an off-hand stance as my default side. Instead of starting right and switching to left when required, I basically played as a leftie. It will get you comfortable on both shoulders really quick.

EDIT: That and practicing in front of a mirror for form and the actual switching.
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