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If you keep your gun horisontal and use a small gravity hopper you probably wont have a problem. When you slap on a force feed hopper you'll doublefeed. The bolt is only back for a split second, that's the only time it'll doublefeed, aka running and gunning or holding the pump back too long might doublefeed if you don thave detents.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Phantom also have optional Detent rings that will prevent rollouts.
Carter made barrels with rubber widgets to prevent rollouts.

I personal love my Lapco .681 barrel and just under bore. I use a Lapco .681 on my Phantom, Bushmaster and my Carter Buzzard. All are stock class but I've never had a problem with double feeds and the accuracy rocks. I do break paint once in a while but thatís why I carry a squeegee.

To answer your question:
Yes, you can remove the detents and under bore to prevent roll-outs even with a hopper.
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I use a deadlywind 14" barrel with brass inserts from TyMcNeer here on MCB.

Best $120 I've spent on paintball gear. Once you use that setup, you'll never go back to ghetto mods.

If you're looking for the overall best solution to stopping rollouts and getting best accuracy, borematching is the answer.
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Paintballs change in size. The breech of your marker does not. Detents make up for the "wiggle room".

In a closed bolt marker(whether it be semi automatic or pump), the detents do not prevent rollouts as they do on an open bolt marker. They prevent double feeds to say the least.
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