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What kind of bass do you play? Keep a look out at the end of the year, I have a guide to tournament pump play I will be releasing somewhat soon and someone else just put up some videos about intro level pump play. Keep the Etha, some days it's nice to let loose, especially when you have people who are "reluctant" to leave the field when they're hit.
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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
Keep the Etha, some days it's nice to let loose, especially when you have people who are "reluctant" to leave the field when they're hit.
This. it's one thing to one ball with a pump if you're playing with a bunch of people that will honor the hit and not wipe. If you're playing against obvious wipers or other forms of cheating a couple extra shots doesn't hurt at all. I know personally that if certain people are at the airball field that no matter what I'm shooting i'll need to send an extra 2-3 their way to get em to go off. With that said that's why you aim for masks where it's easy to see a wipe and call someone out OR aim for tender parts of the body. Personally for the wipers I aim for the kidneys or if they are playing loose I'll aim for the thighs, the neck if they aren't wearing a neck guard is a great place too. Most people I've seen even the wipers will go off after a neck shot.

TL;DR send a few extra their way and aim for the tender areas and they'll go off in short order.

PS I'm not advocating always aiming for the painful parts but if someone won't get off the field fairly sometimes pain is a motivator.

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You don't have to keep the etha when you can just autotrigger the heck outta a guy.
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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My advice would be to shoot towards snake side. Walk the field early and find a nice stand up bunker that has a lot of blind spots a lot of shots out of. Shooting snake sides nice because when they pop out it gives you a second to shoot them before they see you. Keeping them out of snake can be a PITA, but once they're in they're easy to kill.
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^this. If and when I play air ball which is rare I always shoot at snake side for the exact reason listed
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Who dares wins

Truth is there comes a point where you can go toe to toe. Work on your snap. This game is measured in tenths of a second. All you need is one good shot. Get good field position off the break, the closer you are to your opponents, the less reaction time they hace against you. Play smart, choose your battles, and make sure you communicate. I find it helpful to have your hand on the airball bunker, it lets you know if someone is playing on the other side sometimes. And find some one to communicate with.
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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
noooooo lol, keep atleast one semi gun. There will be days where you want to break your pump in half due to things just not going your way. It's better to salvage the day with a semi than be mad using a pump.
**** happens. best way is to not give up and win in the end with your pump. i do that often, true story.
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I'd much rather play pump vs. semis on the speedball field than in the forest where you have to get paint through thick bushes and trees.
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The only thing I have for you is to shoot and move.
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At some point (In the future if you stick to pump vs electro), you will be competitive with the guy's shooting the electro's, reguardless of there ROF. At that point, pick up the Eitha for a game and unlock GOD mode on them. Then go back to the pump.... Your skills will be superior because you have to make your shot's count, you cant hose out 1/2 a case so AIM. When your good with a pump, you'll be a beast with an electro.
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Become a gun whore.


It pays very well.
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