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If you aren't afraid of used I suggest a bob long vice or protege for that price range. Or if you prefer an enclosed bolt style gun look at the marq series of Bob Long guns(marq 6,7, rapper, closer, victory) Fantastic shooters for the money. But in the new market you can't go wrong with and Axe and the Etha isn't bad either.
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I too had spent years out of paintball and a few years back jumped back into it. I picked up a new Etek3 LT (now the Etek4's are out), a Spectra Flex 8 mask, an Empire Prophecy loader and a Ninja 68/4,500 carbon fiber tank. That should get you started. The Etek3's may be had for under $400 but the new Etek4 may cost a bit more than $450.
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I' m probably gonna get beat up for this post but I was in the same situation about a year ago. I decided to get back into paintball and realized how much everything has changed. The electro markers are pretty easy to maintain and all seem pretty much the same to me. I started scouring the sale threads on this site and picked up a used "garbage" DP Fusion FX for a fraction of the cost of a new marker. Changed an o-ring, and two macro line fittings and now it shoots as nice as anything else on the field. I'm not to worried about warranties and cs due to the fact the marker is used and it will be too simple to repair if something goes wrong. Just my two cents, good luck on your search.
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Originally Posted by Gigueand View Post
Hi all,
I've noticed that a lot of familiar manufacturers (WGP, SP, ADG) have gone the way of the dinosaur or have very limited exposure in this new age of electropneumatic wonder-guns. I've seen that a lot of new manufacturers have sprung up (Empire, GoG, Dangerous Power, Eclipse - not just E-cockers any more).
Empire has always been around, great company with good QC in the products, GoG is the new smart parts, and Luxe is essentially the Shocker 3.0, Dangerous power has a good design basis, but shoddy QC and its a crapshoot as to whether or not you get a lemon, and Eclipse still makes wonderful products...with TERRIBLE resale, meaning you can snag an Ego 07/08(some of the best years I think, dont go older than 07 for parts availability and upgrades) for less than 500$, toss in a few parts(rammer and bolt) and you have a marker that will last a long time and is very durable.
Dye does what dye always does and the DM7-12 are basically the same thing with a small change in milling, proto rails are no longer true Matrix's, fine markers but I avoid them. Shockers can be had for sub-200$ nowadays too.
In this day and age, don't wait your money on the new whizzbang marker, by the 4 year old one with the same internals and different milling.

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For your price range, I would suggest, ranked in order:

Etek > Axe > eXTCy*

(*MUCH cheaper than the other two but, regardless of what all the SP-haters say, GoG makes quality shooters)

Any one of them will serve you well.

Just saw the part about also needing a hopper and tank. Get the eXTCy at $250 and you've still got plenty left for the others. My whole team shoots Rotors, but you could easily get away with a cheap Halo (or I'm personally quite partial to the Fasta).
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Nothing wrong with a nice mag. mine has been fed many egos dms and always shoots. Old school is still cool.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
as for Bob Long, made in the USA, the G6R is an outstanding shooter (poppet valve like the Ego) and feels great to use. I'd personally take one of them over an Ego.
This is where I stand, though if he is on a budget I'd go for the Vice over the G6R.

Bob Long Vice: The most underrated paintball marker of all time.
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I'm a huge planet eclipse fan based on anytime I have had an issue it is always taken care of as if I'm the most important customer they have. It's a great feeling.

Ego is a poppit valve. Like stated 07 and up is pretty solid. I personally would go 09 and up for a few things that got redone.
Geo is a spool valve. The 2 is awesome. They can be found for very cheap used.
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If you haven't already made a decision, I was in the same boat as you earlier this year, and I settled on and am happy with a Mini ($325) & Halo Too hopper ($70). Lots of guys on here recommend the Axe; as far as I can tell the differences are thus:

1. No on/off ASA for the Mini ($80 upgrade to Empire Relay)
2. No quick-release for field-stripping the bolt (one hex screw has to be removed)
3. The Mini is small (heh) and a fair number of people complain that they don't care for the feel. Myself, I am about 6'1", 200 lbs; not huge but not a little guy, either, and I love my Mini, but then I always prefer a tighter set up. Even with my 98 I would rarely use the foregrip but usually hold it with my off hand just in front of the trigger guard (it has the gas-through foregrip expansion chamber).

So that said, if a smaller gun wouldn't bother you, the Mini is a nice choice vis-a-vis the Axe for a good deal less expensive.
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