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I've been using my empire knee pads since 2005 and they're in excellent shape, I can't really say anything about the new line though. Get yourself some pants with nice padded knees and then get some gel knee pads for underneath, I'm a heavier guy and my knees get a pounding when I play, this setup has worked pretty well for me.

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Hey - we are not "Nation"
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Read this: Kneepads with Shin Protection?

I bought the Kali Aazis, size large, after a trip to the emergency room from a slide.
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Thanks for all the awesome information and links!!! I am excited to get back at it with some protection this time. I am looking to run pistol (s) as a main gun, so more pain and bruises will be coming my way.
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Nike women's volleyball knee pads
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I can't say enough about the PE Overload 2011 Knee pads. Very durable, don't slip, excellent cushioning, and pretty breathable.
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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Cheap vollyball knee pads are what I wear under my PB pants. One of the best gear decisions I have made.
This right here. I think I paid $8-12 at Wal-Mart for a pair of Wilson volleyball knee pads. They do get a tad irritating after a full day, but overall it's well worth it to me and I'd buy 'em again.
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A couple of players here, wear these when they wear their dress :rotfl: j/k during the game:

I wear JT Sliders.

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A really good slide short is Empire's 2011 ZE Slide Shorts, I wear underarmor shorts beneath them, basketball shorts and dye c10 pants on top. The hip/butt and partial crotch padding is very comfortable and absorbs most of the impact when sliding. I forget I'm wearing them every time I play.
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Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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i wear a pair of empire slider pants under my older style proto knee pads then my pants.. lately the uber rare bob long pants or empire.. if you want to try to do it with cheap knee pads find a pair of jt teams by far the most padding in the knees or a pair of reds envy pants were pretty good too
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I have bad knees from years of brazilian jiujitsu. I've found that any good neoprene pads with decent compression also provide good lateral support. You may want to get something that offers good lateral support in addition to standard padding.

I started playing in 1988 when I was 18 and quit in 1990. I returned to playing earlier this year, after a 22 year hiatus. I've been forced to adjust my style of play as well, since my body cannot keep up with my formerly aggressive play style.

I have to pick and choose my moments now, vs being able to go hard from start to finish. I tend to start slow now and finish hard when I can. A congenital heart condition and bad knees tend to dictate my options now, but that won't stop me from playing.
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