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If you play like I've seen some people play, AT pretty much turns it into a semi with the trigger just in the front and you have to hold down the back trigger to make it work. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone tape down the actual trigger and just use the Hitman as a trigger.
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17 pages in... I guess I'll chime in.

I started out playing pump, it was the only gun I could afford to buy and the only gun I could afford to keep paint in. I started at a real young age and my parents did not approve of the sport and told me if I wanted to play, I had to pay for it out of my own pocket.

Later on when I could afford a semi automatic Tippmann I was disappointed. I probably received the only Tippmann in the history of creation that DID NOT WORK! Sent the damn thing in not once, but twice to get the thing working. Tippmann was very good with their customer service and I still recommend Tippmann to any new player.

I bought several "latest greatest guns" and they were all ****. lol

Reliability wise, I had a hard time with any gun that did'nt have a pump handle on it.

Hell... I still do.
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To wrinkle your nose at anything with a battery. Being an elitist is a benefit as well.


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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when I want to - because I can?

Stitch FC

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Originally Posted by EgoPossum View Post
Not as intimidating sounding on the field as the latest spacegun.
I'd wager if you're playing with guys that know how a real pumper plays it's the silence that's more intimidating.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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Originally Posted by wpshin01 View Post
If you play like I've seen some people play, AT pretty much turns it into a semi with the trigger just in the front and you have to hold down the back trigger to make it work. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone tape down the actual trigger and just use the Hitman as a trigger.
Yeah, I fail to see the reason you play pump if you AT all the time. I could see using it to get yourself out of a jam, but otherwise why not just use a semi? Stock class FTW any day!
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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I've had a few reasons over the last year, but now that I'm competing on a speedball team using electro semis, my reasons for playing all rec ball with pump has become crystal clear.

1. Reliability, fixability - I can fix most anything on my threshold, THAT CAN BE FIXED. Ok that's a lie, the noid can be fixed, but I consider that above and beyond the technical skill expected of pure players (particularly ones with a head too full of clinical psychology graduate work). I can replace all the seals, but if my noid goes at the field, I either have one in my bag or I don't. This would be ok if noid's had the reliability of a classic mag valve, but they tend not too. A bit of debris here and there, grease in the wrong spot and you have a problem. Eyes too, if you don't have a replacement, your outta luck. Boards too, AND they don't like getting wet or dirty. Micoswitches just die over time, and if your markers old and your soldering skills questionable it can be a stressful (or expensive) fix. When I haven't used my threshy in a few weeks, even stored well and cleaned, its gunna leak when I air it up. I'm going to have to spend a few moments resolving the leak. When I leave my pumps on the dusty floor of my room they air up and black the dust off. Mechs just work, and in most games it comes down to the ability to fire a paintball.

2. Hoppers ****ing suck. Lets face it, even the "super hoppers" suck a lot. No question the Rotar and Spire are far better then the other crap, but they still tend to suck. They use batteries, which cost money, they break and cost us money, and they cost a lot of money in the first place! Did I mention they mostly have plastic shells? ****ty. Pumpers just need like, a sportshot, or a feedtube, or maybe a revy. Smaller, cheaper, less headache.

3. High ROF is what puts the most strain on your markers. My Azodin Kaos Pump shooting CO2 on a cold day is about as consistent as most of my electros. Switch that to HPA and more normal temps, and my "high end" electros are never as consistent, even with same regulator and paint match. It's just the fact that when your sending out so many shots so quickly things are bound to be imperfect. Pump action allows for more care to be taken for each shot.

It all comes down to play being more fun, cheaper and easier. When I wanna use my electro I need to replace the 9vs in both the marker and hopper i want to use. I have to MAKE SURE the field fills HPA, because I CANT EVER use Co2. Gotta make sure my eyes are working and see the paint well, or it'll be a goddam blender. Gotta make sure my board settings follow field/event rules. And if I want to hit anyone I still have to match my barrel, maybe test my pressure to avoid blowing my noid.

For Pump I grab the marker, pump it, screw in an air source of any kind. Throw in a hopper of any kind (for open class, when profile is not an issue I LOVE JT sound activated agitated hopper, idk what its called, a little big but only moves when you pump or fire, plus it loads without batteries.) Now your ready to chrono and play. You can play more with way less paint, and in woodsball i always get the same number of eliminations playing pump or semi, but use 1/5 the paint with pump.

And this is coming from someone who owns a bunch of semi pricey electros, and two very cheap pumps. (not all my markers are in sig, just the two I use most (Threshy, Kaos Pump,) and old school markers.
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My pumps stay in my gear bag that is rarely cleaned out. Just sits in the garage as my grab and go bag

My semis stay in my room bc that's the only love I will give them unless I take one just to shoot a couple pods at the field
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i like stroking my pump and shooting my balls off.
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I agree with reliability. I have a buddy who, literally, every single time we've played has had to fix his leaking PMR. The last time he asked for my help, but I just don't know jack about them. If my Phantom has a problem, I can reason through it and usually solve it with a spring or an o-ring. Electros...not so much.
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