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Just made sense for me. I spent a lot of years buying and selling finding what I liked and what I didn't, and at the end of that time, for the money, I found the pump that best fit they way I enjoy playing.

Also, semis hate me
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I came into this thread looking for paintball advice and now I think I want to be gay. Thanks, MCB.
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Find what you like, and then keep doing it. If you follow that rule, and try pump, decent odds you'll keep playing pump.

As a friend once said when asked why are you playing pump? "Because I'm grinning like an idiot under this mask"
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Because it is FUN. . . .
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****ing speak up Im deaf!
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Because I like to play paintball.

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If you are not stalking - you are not showing love...
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It really is just personal preference...I always liked to also have a pump marker for a change cause it's fun and it just gives it a kick as it resembles a real gun..then I again I'm also into hunting and used to duck hunting so I was sort of used to it as well...

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My personal reasons for playing pump:

I like being that crazy bastard using a pump in speed ball against electros

You can't rack the pump and yell "Let's Rock" if the gun doesn't have a pump
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So I did the best thing I could think of. Took a picture of the inside of my trunk and texted it to her with the word "HELP" and didn't respond to her many texts.
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I pay less for air/entry/paint for two days of play than most of my friends pay for one day's worth of paint.

And there's nothing like one-balling a guy who just blasted $10 worth of paint up against your bunker.
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all work
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To keep the pump-hand strong?

A masturbation surrogate?

Because you don't own a semi?

Because your out of gas at a self serve?

I give up, why use a pump?
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Pump is just fun. I actually get more people out with pump than I ever did with my electro (although I did LOVE my Marq).
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