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Really, i just jumped on the pump bandwagon a couple years ago when it started regaining popularity. Now i'm STUCK on the bandwagon, holy crap. Jaaaane, stop this crazy thiiiing!
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I started playing pump wen I started 'balling in '92 because I couldn't afford a semi. When I did move up to semi I still held the skillset so I was never much of a sprayer. When I got back in around '05 I continued my semi shooting, but picked up a couple trracers for pump only events. Games like Pump Pandemonium and some MCB private groups were the only time I bothered. But at Pump Pandemonium in 2010, my trracers let me down badly, so I decided to put a nicer, more reliable pump together. I built a sniper. Old GenX body, benchmark frame, BL Torpedo reg, and lapco microshot with sizers. It was quite a while until the next pump game so I used it at the next open event and I absolutely fell in love with it. Since then, it has become my primary, not because it is a pump, but because I love shooting it. I still shoot my semii's as well, but the Sniper is probably my #1 go to gun.

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Originally Posted by lurchness monster View Post
Lets show them the MCB way of playing this game. We'll show up late, miss the first game or two, talk about and fondle each others markers, have lunch, talk about where we will play next, play a game or two, and go home complaining how tired we are after playing all day. Should be a lot of fun.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
he doesn't manage a business, and he should have planned it out better or had some experience in what he was doing before taking pre-orders. the worst part is simply that he took the money and did not refund it... which is fraud.

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Personally I like the stripped down no frills style. I don't take paintball seriously and I find pump fits well with that no hopper, no air tank, no half a case of paint strapped to my back. I'd like to say that pump saves money but I developed a taste for high end pumps and well...basically I'm .
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'Cause I'm a cheap bastard. Even shooting a single 500-round bag in a day with my semi is too much. 100 rounds/day with a Phantom is much more palatable.

Plus, I love when people who don't already know me from the field underestimate me. They get cocky, I win.
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The first game I ever played was with my uncles hand me down pgp which I still have today. Even bought a back up from MaD so I can shelf the original for a while and put some time and money into it.

I have owned semi's, all low tech blowbacks (spyders and clones) and never had a problem out of them. Even in 20*F weather shooting Co2 with the proper set up.

I've actually got 4 BST tabs I've been keeping open and refreshing so I can pick up a semi when I get paid. Just to have something I can switch to and keep it fresh and fun, but I'll never give up using a pgp as a go-to primary.
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pump play is like bathing in Evian... it is just pure....

Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
Naw, MAr's special. He's like Brad Pitt or George Clooney or something... totally cool to be a little gay for him
Originally Posted by Jaan View Post
Just do everything that Mar tells you to do, and you'll be fine.
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Anyone not wanting to BE Mar is doing it wrong.
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Pumps are just so much fun, reminds me of duck hunting
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Do you guys think there is a big difference between a converted-to-pump marker with a hopper vs. a stock class?

I think the old cocker conversions look the best, I've been keeping my eye open for a nice pre2k.
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Do you guys think there is a big difference between a converted-to-pump marker with a hopper vs. a stock class?
Wait.... a difference between a converted to pump marker with a hopper, and a stock class marker?

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Did I use the wrong terminology? Lol..

I mean, a converted cocker (sniper, I believe, yes?)

and a tube fed phantom (stock class, I thought?)
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