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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Did I use the wrong terminology? Lol..

I mean, a converted cocker (sniper, I believe, yes?)

and a tube fed phantom (stock class, I thought?)
When you said hopper vs stock class, you basically said the difference. That's what confused me.

A stock class gun runs a 10, 12, or 15 round stick feed of some sort and uses 12-grams, vs. open class which is a hopper and a tank. Then there's modified stock class, which is a stick feed and a tank.

So, now knowing/confirming your terminology, ask your question one more time--what is it exactly you want to know the difference between?

And also, sidenote (unrelated), technically it's a sniper, converted into a cocker--the pump came before the semi in the world of cockers

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Oh Christ, I don't even know my original question!

Thanks for the information.

I suppose I was simply asking if either out performed the other? Pros and Cons? Mostly in regards to playing against semi's. I was just fishing for more information after my original post (page 5, I believe).

Oh lordy! Don't confuse me with cocker vs sniper now! =D
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I have yet to have the opportunity to play pump, but I have been looking into it more and more simply as a money saver.

My issue becomes will I stand a chance against guys who run semi in speed ball games? Lol

I went out to test my new pump at an indoor field got shot out every game but the 4-5 eliminations I did get made me want to do the happy dance (then i got shot out ) and that was using my cheater pump vs ALL electros. went home bruised but smiling
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Why I play pump... Many reasons. I'll give one though.

I played MXL, RXL and all that good stuff for years now. But in woods I love pump to improve my game.

I have a Phantom Stock Class, with a sweet harness, (forget name :[)

Now when im in the woods, I try to improve angles, how to play alone, sounds to listen to, everything and anything to help me.

Main thing I try to improve is positioning against bunkers.
I've had so many 1v1 fights in the woods, or 2v1, 3v1, and I may loose a lot of the time but I always hear people talking about me or my friends tell me how much they hate me. My friends hate me because I can play any bunker or anyway and play really tight in it. This helps me with my phantom due to only having 10 rounds to fire. I gotta make them count especially in 1 situation like that.

The better I can stay in my bunker will determine how good I can reload without being hit in elbows or little pieces of me sticking out while reloading air or rounds.

I play pump to improve my game, not to give kids a chance. I can still snipe, just wanna be better player in general.
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I suppose I was simply asking if either out performed the other? Pros and Cons? Mostly in regards to playing against semi's. I was just fishing for more information after my original post
Well, pumps don't shoot "harder" or farther than a semi, and accuracy is affected by paint and bore match more than anything else, no matter which gun you decide to grab out of the gear bag. Playing pump against semi is a thinking man's game. Paintball becomes a game of angles and the ability to out move your opponent. It is more fun for some people, and for others, it's pure suck. Just depends on what you're after when you step onto the field.

How's that?
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i could go on a long spiel about when i started that's all there was ,which is true>

or i could just say it's a different mindset and a lot more fun at least for me
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Snap shooting is your friend, pop out of different spots in the bunker.
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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Because my pump gun is purple, so i keep using it.

Also in the almost 3 years that i played ONLY pump, it's affected me on the semi side as well. Used to play a full case for an 8 hour day of play, now when I play semi its a bag, sometimes a bag and a half max.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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outlaw + pump = around $7.50/day = more cerveza for me
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Here is why - for me.

1) This is my 24th season playing paintball. I played competitively for a long time. I don't have time or the drive to play competitively any more. Pump makes it more fair on the rec fields (not bragging - trying to be honest).

2) There is NEVER a 'to whom it may concern' to my play. When I shoot you - you know I meant it - and you look at me, knowing I was aiming for you. One can never claim that I just 'got lucky.

This goes for bunkering, bonus balling, shooting the net - whatever. I have to MEAN everything I do.

If I shoot you twice while bunkering - it is likely the case that the first didn't break. If I bonus ball you - you PROBABLY deserved it (you know - because I am the judge of that stuff )

3) Keeps prices down. I have two kids - I could ALWAYS be spending money on them. this makes it more reasonable. Something like a case a month if I play every weekend.

4) It reminds me of my roots. I started playing in 1988.

5) It is comfortable.

6) It seems more fair.

7) There is no 'soul' to the electro. It is just... pull trigger... Meh...

Those are my reasons.

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