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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
I love his story that he tells why he wears that helmet.

IIRC, some new renter on his team shot him point blank in the back of the head.
It went something like this:
I was snap shooting with another pump player in a box game(think of COD container ship level)
All the sudden my knees weaken and I stumble forward.
Kind of dazed, I knew I got shot just not sure. I shake off the stars floating around in my head. I look back, there was some girl (first time renter) using an ego6 on full auto or ramping blind firing around another box single handed. She was still blind firing around that box when I turned around. She had just shot me 3-4 times point with her barrel less than 1 foot away from the back of my head.
Once I saw that I told her "you just shot me and I am on your team". To which she responds "no I didn't" with such confidence and authority that I almost believed her. The ref standing 5 feet away on the side line said "oh yeah you did". She said "oh oh I am sorry" and went back to blind firing....
As I gather my thought to walk out the other pump player drills me square in the hands. I was like wtf..... Then again this was mostly my fault as I was still dazed and not watching where I was pointing my gun(directly at him).

Yep helmet is worth the investment trust me. And yes it is an investment because you are protecting yourself from future medical bills.
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You can also use old pot helmet liners.. I drilled holes in the bill and the crown.. helps with the ventilation
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I use a cheap skateboarding helmet, without the foam insert. Low profile, and no particular issues with fogging, with the stock Grill lense (for humid, or cold weather a single 15mm fan is good enough) and no fogging issues at all with the Grill dualpane lense.

There is that rare occasion where i got hit in one of the frontal vent holes, but ive arranged the thin padding, in such way that it covers the vent, but still allows the air in.

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I was drilled in the helmet about two yrs ago from about a foot. Nice ring, but no bump . I should have bought this helmet when it came out in the 80's. Sometimes milsim is a good thing

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I always thought helmets were for wimps, until...

PSP Chicago 2010. I was reffing D3, corner and deadbox. Off the break, standing by the deadbox, i was in the middle of any lane aimed at the home bunker. And i didn't have many places to stand where i could see well. I took AT LEAST 2 shoots to the dome every break. Now, in Race-to-5, that's a lot of hits! I had the worst headache I've ever had in my life, and was so dizzy i could've puked, and was seeing stars by the end of the day. I knew i had a concussion.

The next day, i got to the field a little early and walked around until I found some sort of head protection. The Flex 8 with helmet caught my eye and i bought it. I swear by that sucker, now. I ref'd the same spot the entire tournament and never took another painful headshot again. Flex 8 helmet gets my vote.
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i bumped my forehead on a low tree branch once while wearing my noob elite headshield.

helmets are useful. it's just too hot here to wear them.
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I've been wearing the JT Camo flex 8 full helmet since they came out (my father in law got it for me for Christmas that year). Great helmet, and I get shot in the back of the head often... Which is the price you pay if you are first into the other teams camp!

When my kids play I put them in it, and wear a regular flex 8. If you use a camera on your mask, the full helmet is WAY more stable than just a mask, as the helmet carries the weight of the camera much better, and you get more stable video.

Personally, I like the way it wears, as instead of being pushed onto your face like a regular mask, the top of your head carries it, and it just feels better than a mask to me... I have a fan on mine but I rarely use it. If you change your thermal lens every year you shouldn't have any fogging issues. Plus it goes down far enough to cover your chin and face, (lots of masks are so small, they leave the bottom of your face sticking out... OUCH!)

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Brass and Wood Fan
This is what I use. Best to be safe!
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I tried that military looking helmet for a real short while, way too hot. Eventually I went with an extreme rage protector mask. I bought myself sly profits and ended up sticking with the protector.
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we have this in our shop and its super comfy- and it comes with a thermal lense!

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