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Stay the hell away from anything HKarmy related, and you'll do fine...

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The mask advice is definitely the best advice. I always tell new players to invest in a high quality mask over anything else. I also make anyone purchasing try the masks on.

Find a mask that is comfortable for you, with a good field of vision, and that won't fog up.

I often recommend the MI-7 on the lower end and the Vforce Profiler/Grill and Sly Profit on the higher end.

I do not like that the Sly Profit does not come with a visor. I do like that it is comfortable and stable. I personally wear a Vforce Grill.

You have a closer physical interaction with your mask than with your gun and being comfortable on the field will make you more confident and effective.

edit: Always purchase your paintballs from a paintball pro-shop. Never from any chain store and I also recommend against internet purchasing.
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Go out and play, alot. I find that after a day or two of play, what you need becomes crystal clear.
My must haves.
Good Mask (Vforce is a good option)
Knee Pads (get them as soon as possible, ANS gear has some 09 empire grinds for 20ish bucks, I use and love those pads)
Good Paint (graffiti is great, I also like Evil, ultra evil, bombz, and that dye stuff.) Unlike every one else, I think that my perfect rec paint is in the 40-50 bucks a box range. Ultra brittle and expensive tourney paint (ultra evil, The Dye stuff) is great, but I've never felt at a disadvantage with Graffiti or Bombz. Plus the less you spend on paint, the more you can play. just don't get the walmart 30 bucks a case crap, but no need to break the bank on the 70 dollar stuff.
Hpa/consistent air source. (ninja 13/3000 can be had for 40 dollars used aprox.)
In order of priority from top to bottom.
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LOTS of good advice here. I will add:

Check out your "Local Games" forum and find an MCB meet-up in your area. Odds are you will find several extremely knowledgeable players who are willing to let you try out different gear to figure out what you like. Plus they are a blast
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Silencer "Raincover", They pop up sometimes on here (There is a big aluminum one like the one in the picture for sale in the BST for like $110).

IMHO raincovers aren't worth it nowadays. They served their use back in the olden days of 3 hour long games on 100 acre fields but on today's small fields they don't make much of a difference. Don't get me wrong, I have 2 myself but I never use them because they are more of a hindrance rather than an aid.

That stock looks like a Lapco T stock.

Heres a link to the Lapco site, T-Stock Set: Anodized Black
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WAIT... someone bought a pump for their first gun?! You really don't see that much anymore. I like that.
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First buy a high end mask or soemthing that fits you well.

Next a pair of paintball pants, doesn't need to be top of the line (you're much more likely to take off a paintball mask during a game because it's unconfortable, pants....not so much)

Third, HPA tank most likely, used will work as long as it's in hydro. 68/4500 unless you're freakishly big or freakishly small. 68's sell easily if you get out of the sport.

Lastly, mabey a barrel kit for smaller paint.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Lots of great advice here,hope youre not too overwhelmed,glad you joined MCB!?!
I agree with comments on mask,single most important piece of equiptment to have,its a personal preference thing so try as many out as you can
Recommened HPA(air) tank too,as stated above a 68/4500 tank is th all around best option,you may want to get a 9 or 12 oz CO tank too,some smaller and private fields dont have air,theyre cheap too
Another piece of gear i cant live without are gloves ,especially for woodsball,once you get hit on a knuckle on a cold day youll know why,plus it'll give you protection fom thorns & brush for woodsball,agin personal preference,i use cheap mechanics gloves and i cut the trigger fingers off
Paint,definately from a pro shop,I use Valken Redemption(rec. grade)mostly,its $35 +/- a case,a little harder shell than some paint,great for busting brush
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Paint - Good stuff from the field you play at. Paint is the most important part of accuracy for you find something at the field that is a good match to the bore on your gun (Search Bore matching on here to find out how)

Gas source - I'll be that guy... If the local field offers co2 fills don't bother with HPA your wasting your money

I live in Vermont, we have cold winters and play right through them, I have used Nelson based pumps like the Hammer almost every time I have played for the last 6-7 years. I've followed every attempt to make them better during that time. In my opinion there is no benefit to using HPA over CO2 on a Nelson based pump that makes up for the added expense A 68ci tank will double the weight of the gun and cost over $100 for a light one and not give you any more shots than a $20 9oz CO2 tank. A 13ci will not add the size but will only give you 100-150 shots per fill

The valve design is consistent and designed for High pressure offered by CO2.

You bought a small light gun and you will get more shots out of a CO2 tank than you will and HPA tank of the same size.

Hopper - Look at small ones nothing bigger than a Sport shot has ever felt right to me on a Nelson based pump.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Originally Posted by boltaction View Post
WAIT... someone bought a pump for their first gun?! You really don't see that much anymore. I like that.
Someone at my field bought one of these as his first gun a few weeks back. It was a blast watching him get out and have fun with it against his buddies playing with their Tippys and Spyders.

As for advice :

As a new pump player, you are likely to end up in situations where your opponents are shooting a lot more than you are. Take pride in this fact. Paint costs ~4 cents a round. Every time they waste 25 paintballs trying to hit you when you're covered, that's a buck they've thrown down the drain.

I find this mindset makes pump play far too amusing.

Also, don't be afraid to be aggressive. The worst that's going to happen is that you get shot out, and there will always be another game.

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