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The foam on my vents avatar is coming off... also how do I clean it?

Ok so I bought a vents avatar over a year and a half ago I have played with it probably half a dozen times but the foam on the top left part is coming undone about a quarter of it is loose my big sister recommended using a glue she has used for fixing shoes its designed to work with rubber but she said it would also work fine on the foam is that true I donít want it to melt the foam

Also how do I remove the back strap thing for cleaning

And is it possible to remove the foam and have it replaced or to take it out when I want to clean that mask

And I have heard multiple times people saying that the right way to clean a mask is to remove the lens and ether submerge it in warm water and after it has socked wipe it down or put it in the washing machine without the spin cycle is this true I would have thought doing ether of these would damage the foam on your mask and cause it to peel
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Sounds like you need a new mask to me..
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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
Sounds like you need a new mask to me..
Im thinking of geting a DYE I4 but this could still be a backup mask the only problem I have is some loose foam I just need to get the right glue and it should be fine.
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To answer your questions, You can glue the foam with whatever you have, the key is to use it sparingly as it will bead up underneath and create small hard points that may make it uncomfortable. When pressing the foam in place, use wax paper between your finger and foam, so it does not seep and stick to you.
The original foam is not glued on, but held on with a 2 sided thin adhesive. Hard to replicate.

I have NEVER heard the suggestion of placing the mask in the washing machine, in the 20 years I have been playing. When I was younger I would take the mask into the shower and use liquid soap to clean the foam, strap and lens. I would then hang it to dry.
I now just wash it in the kitchen sink and hang to dry.
Same results.
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I've used a glue gun on my Empire Events when one side of the foam was coming off. It has held up just fine and it continues to be my go to mask. If you need a replacement, paintballgateway offers Empire mask parts possibly including what you might need, foam.
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Washing machine, never ...Dish washer, yes....

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I use the kitchen sink to wash my masks, warm water and dish soap.
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I love my Avatar. Only weak thing about them is the foam (and maybe the visor, which understandably eventually disintegrated). I've used the same pair for... uh... 6+ years?

After numerous trials with gluing the foam back on, I've settled on silicone glue ("Shoe Goo"). You want to make sure it's nice and runny so it gets good contact with both the mask and the foam, so what I did was thin it out slightly with a touch of Xylene (toluene).

The result has been holding really well for me; better than factory, which as mentioned is just a few strips of adhesive.

I just take my mask (minus lens) into the shower with me.
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Rubber cement works well.

They sell foam kits with glue for the mask. I've used it before and it's still on and clean.
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I know a while back Manike was saying that it was a faulty glue that they used or something. I got a free replacement set of foam for my Vents. May not hurt asking Empire if they could send you replacements.

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