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Need advice on purchasing new HPA Ninja tank?

I have a Dye DAM and I'm looking to get a new 50/4500 tank for the Dye. There's one problem. There's a big selection of tanks with different types of regulators.

There is:

- Ultralite regulator
- Adjustable regulator
- SHP regulator
- SLP regulator

Which should I get? I really don't have a budget. I'm not a tournament player by any means or an extreme player. Just recreational. I maybe will go once a month to play, if that.

What do you guys suggest? I have eBay bucks I have to use before they expire and this is what I will put it towards.

Thank you in advance.
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I will also be using the tank on a Bob Long G6R sometimes. Whatever you guys recommend, I will go with.
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It standard is fine

With all shims out its 424-450 psi out put which is what I used on my old g6r

And plus it has the brass bonnet. It's heavier but the threads will last longer
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So standard is which regulator?
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Originally Posted by username86 View Post
So standard is which regulator?
That would be the "adjustable" reg.

All of the ninja regs require that you degas the whole bottle before changing shims in the reg. If you want to swap between markers without fiddling with the bottle, it needs to be set at a pressure that all of the markers can function.

Both of those markers are pretty low input, iirc. While the "adjustable" reg can get pretty low, I would expect a little better performance from the SLP at the same pressure. I don't think you would notice the difference at 13 bps though.

If you have your manuals, look up the input pressure of both markers and give Ninja a call. They will tell you pretty quick the difference between their regs at a given output pressure.
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You don't want SHP or SLP.

SLP is for bob long guns that blow internal seals unless used with lower pressure output tanks.

SHP is for automag RT's that want to mechanical bounce like crazy.

Standard "Adjustable" and Ultralite are the way to go.

I guess SLP will run pretty good on a number of other guns. The advantage of using a tank at a lower output pressure is that you can shoot lower into the tank before you actually start to see drop off on your gun. If your tank is trying to output 800PSI and the tank drops below that, you see shoot down. If it is trying to output 450 you get to go that much lower before it starts dropping off.

The disadvantage is that there are some guns designed only to use 700-850 psi and won't run well on a lower 450 or so PSI output. Most electros are fine though.
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Thank you to all who posted in this thread. The tank will most likely be run on my Dye DAM. So I will go with ultralite.
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If you have not already purchased the tank/reg yet. I highly recommend the Ninja Pro Regulator. It gives you the ability to swivel the tank bonnet and have the fill nipple and gauges go where you want them. Worth the extra coin in my opinion to not have a nipple digging into your wrist. (Let the jokes begin)
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Ninja Carbon Fiber Air Tank w Ultralite Reg 50 4500 | eBay

Ninja Carbon Fiber Air Tank w Pro Adjustable Regulator 50 4500 Black | eBay

Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA Tank 50 4500 Black Ultralite Reg | eBay

These three? Which one do you guys recommend for the Dye DAM? eBay bucks expires today.

Thanks boys
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For the extra $20 having the movable nipple/gauge is worth it.


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