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jkibbe 05-09-2013 05:13 PM

eNMEy vs. Proto Rail
I realize this is a crazy comparison, but at this point I am planning on buying one of the two - The eNMEy or Rail.

I can go the low-budget route and get the eNEMY and have money to play or upgrade.

Or I can spend more now for what some might say is 'more' gun and have less cash in my pocket.

They both seem to be reliable and relatively low-maintenance markers. They are also at the low-end of the mech and electro specturms, but also seem to be among the best at the low-end.

It would seem that the Rail's main advantage would be RoF, which at this point I am not sure if I'll need, being a relative n00b (though I started playing with a Splatmaster and PGP back in the '80's). The problem is that I don't know where paintball will take me this time around. If I knew I was going to play speedball/x-ball, I'd go with the Rail. I don't want to buy the eNMEy then decide I want to upgrade a few months later when cash is tight, but I also don't want to buy more gun then I need (maintenance looks a little trickier on the Rail & batteries are required).

I already have an Empire Vidar mask, Pinokio, and 68/4500 tank (coming soon), so those aren't considerations at this point.

Any advice is greatly appreciated since I've have the cash burning a hole in my pocket and can't decide what to do with it! :)

p8ntballr68059 05-09-2013 05:50 PM

this is a tough comparison. i would personally go with the eNEMY in your case. since it is cheap and you aren't sure how far you are going into the sport. the rail i will say no to.. it is a pain in the *** (maybe just me cuz i hate dye and proto as much as they hate me) if you want an electro look at the mini or etek.. if you are ok with buying used i say get a protege (yes i am sort of a bob long fan) they are great guns same as a vice with just different milling. other options are older egos like 7 and 8 maybe even 9 if you can grab it cheap.
i would upgrade the mask after spending less on the eNEMY i suggest if you like empire finding an Event or EFlex.

super_stanchy 05-09-2013 06:00 PM

your enemy will hold its resale better if you want to get rid of it later...

yes its $125 new, and used they run $100+

i cant sell a pmr to save my life....

i love my enemy, shoots great, throw a barrel and a better asa and love it
keep the stock stuff to throw on it when you sell it, yes its ion/luxe threaded so find a cheap freak kit (and sell the back with the gun when your ready, keep the inserts and tip as you can use it on anything)

jkibbe 05-09-2013 06:57 PM

2 votes for the eNMEy. I'd rather buy new vs. used. I have no idea if something used is in good shape and no 'know-how' to fix it.

Any opinion on the GOG inline barrel? They are only like $35.

Any ASA recommendations?

Crimson Death 05-09-2013 07:05 PM


Reloadro 05-09-2013 07:24 PM

i'd vote for the enmey as well. i love the simplicity, and if you do wind up somehow going towards speedball and feel you need an electro at that point, you can easily unload the enmey here or just have a cheap, cool loaner for a friend

Kermitt 05-09-2013 08:20 PM

Enmey. I still can't get over how great that thing shoots.

Valafar 05-09-2013 08:29 PM

I'll calk up another vote for the eNMEy. As for barrel, can't go wrong with a freak kit and a pops a said my setup!

Grendal50 05-09-2013 09:19 PM

I'll vote for the eNMEy too. They shoot great and you cam shoot pretty quick with it if you wanted to.

Frizzle Fry 05-10-2013 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by jkibbe (Post 2704864)
Any opinion on the GOG inline barrel? They are only like $35.

My first rule is usually "If you're going to spend money on a barrel, spend money on a (used) kit".

For $35 you can have your pick of just about any used ION barrel ever made (except maybe carbonfiber) and probably have a little left over. If you get just one, look for a bore that won't piss you off when you run into smaller or larger paint - one of the pains when it comes to recball is shooting what the field offers, what you can afford this week, or essentially whatevers available. that's why I usually recommend a kit (even a small one, or one you assemble, with at least "general" 3 bore sizes big, medium and small).

My second rule is "If you're going to spend money on a barrel, spend money on a 'cocker threaded barrel".

That's because resale on "other" threads doesn't seem to exist, or at the very least leaves you taking a big hit, and most markers that people "upgrade" to take Autococker threading. Since you'd be dealing with GOG/SP threads, I'd say if you get a kit try for a Freak or Superfreak whatever they're being marketed as. You can get the back for cheap used, piece together a kit, use the inserts and fronts with other markers, and actually have a chance to get some money back when and if you decide to sell. If you end up keeping it, you'll just have to buy a new back for your new marker.


Originally Posted by jkibbe (Post 2704864)
Any ASA recommendations?

Something that bleeds when degassed is helpful.

As to design, do you like macro out the front or sides? Lever, knob, switch or button? Do you want a dropforward or back? Rail mount or bolt-on? Lots of options based on comfort, play style, function, and looks.

I've found that CPs are a little bulky, but easy to use and install, decent looking, and reliable. I've never had a need to monkey around with them, or fiddle to get a proper grip on the knob, etc. Price isn't exorbitant and there are lots of color options, as well as a choice between dovetail and bolt-on.

I've also had good luck with later generation Dangerous Power RAPS which fit a dovetail, one of the few products they've made that actually works. The earlier generations are garbage though, beware.

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