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mask cleaning

Can I run my mask strap and ears through the wash with the rest of my gear?"
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Uhhh sure. Warm soapy water would be a little more gentle and just as effective.
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I just run hot water over my mask and let it air dry

but then I am a paintball slob
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straps can go through the wash

soft ears (foam) i'd stick to warm water in the sink
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If you stick your mask strap in the wash, expect it to start curling on the edges. Not really a big deal, just cosmetic.
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I take the foam out of my mask and send the whole thing through the dishwasher, and air dry.

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I've run straps through the wash: cold, gentle cycle, line dry. Straps come out looking new every time. Don't have any curling issues.

Soft ears just get misted and wiped down, i really don't care how stained they get. All but one pair are black.
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Warm water melted the foam adhesive on my jt flex, so I only use cold on my foamy parts now.
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