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Love for Paintball
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Paintball Checklist

Hello folks,

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about a paintball checklist to help get organized before the game and it got some attention. And I wanted to share it with you. Beleive it or not no matter how often you play, there is gonna be a time when you forget something you wanted to bring to the field. Here is a good list of the things that you might need to take with you on your way to the field:

* Your Marker(s)
* Goggle(s)
* Chest Protection/ Paintball vest
* Paintball Shoes
* Few T-Shirts
* Extra Socks
* Extra Shoes
* Hats
* Gloves
* Extra Pants (Bring two just in case)
* Extra underwear
* Camera for pictures if your phone does not have one
* Rain Jacket (if you think it might rain)
* A Towel to clean yourself and one to clean up the equipment afterwards
* Bottled water (I like to bring a twelve pack)
* Garbage Bags to put in your dirty cloth
* Cash for snacks (some fields don’t have ATM machines nor take debit or credit cards)

Feel Free to add more

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Tools, spare parts.

Pods and podpack.

Rag, squeegee.
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Electrical Tape , lube, plummers tape,Barrel blocking Device ( i always bring a spare),Extra car key,batteries if needed, Tank o-rings, Barrel swabs..
And i try to print out a release form or two if playing a pay field..

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Fan of EMR
my quick go-to:


Then whatever fits on top of that.
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2 masks (in case someone needs to borrow one)
2 guns (SC ghost, and a TiPX with 2 mags)
optional: 2k5 SuperStock in pump or auto for big games
about twenty 12-grams (I only need about 5-6, but i like to have spares)
around 10, 10-round tubes
vest with holster (for tubes and 12-grams)
optional: pack and pods (if using autococker)
change of clothes (pants and jersey) for playing
tools, spare o-rings
gatorade or something similar, and lots of it.
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If playing a scenario game I print out a few maps of the field.
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I must have missed that memo

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Paintball Checklist! Check It Out!!!

I made one a while back as well. It's in a PDF so you can download and print.
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can't forget allen keys
MCB feedback (can provide more from other sites if needed)

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First aid kit (important)
However much paint you shoot
user manual/gun setting cheat sheet
Ice chest
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